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We bought our first house in January 2012, and are spending most of our extra time making it our home.  We will update these with progress pictures as we complete projects, but there are quite a few spaces that just have a before picture - meaning that we haven't done a bloomin' thing to that space.

Exterior - Before & Current

Front Porch - Before 
Front Porch - Current
Check out how we made this bench for less than $15 to add some interest to our porch!

Entry - Before
Entry - Current
We painted the entry grey, stained the bannister and step, painted the door and hardware, and added some art and storage.

Living Room - Before
Living Room - Current
We've done quite a bit in this room, actually! We painted the walls grey, and painted the fireplace white at the same time.  To cover that silly hole (which is awesome storage now!), we built this diy faux barn wood door, replaced the boring tile with glass mosaic tile, and made some chevron curtains for our 9' windows.
Dining Room - Before
Dining Room - Current
We got new furniture as a wedding gift, painted the walls greyupdated the floors to a more modern, dark laminate flooring, and added picture ledges with mismatched frames.

Office - Before
Office - Current
This room went under another change in March 2014 when we transformed this space into a music room, as well as an office.

Kitchen - Before
Kitchen - Current
Our kitchen is complete! We gel stained the cabinets, replaced one cabinet with open shelving, painted the walls beige, updated the floors, updated the counters, installed the backsplash, and finished up with stainless steel appliances and the big reveal.
Half Bath - Before

Half Bath - Current
This bathroom was the very first room that was 100% completed.  We gel stained the vanity, added beadboard, replaced the flooring with grouted vinyl tileupdated the mirror and light fixture, and added new art.
Laundry Room - Before
Laundry Room - Current
We painted the walls, removed a cabinet to add a hang bar, updated the cabinets, created a drop zone, added a new utility sink with a  $10 backsplash,  hung up a couple laundry baskets, updated the floor with grouted vinyl tile, updated the drop-zone with a new place for sunglasses and keys, and added a new bamboo shade on the window to complete this room.
Upstairs Hallway - Before
Upstairs Hallway - Current
We continued with the grey up the stairs into this hallways, and I'm not sure that much else is going to happen to this space.

Guest Bedroom - Before
Guest Room - Current
This room was one of the first rooms to get a makeover, and we diy'd a lot of furniture in this space including the pink dresser, and the ugly kitchen cabinet turned nightstands.

Guest Bathroom - Before
Guest Bathroom - Current
We updated this room with new floors and by gel staining the vanity, and we completed the makeover with new paint and accessories.
Master Bedroom - Before
Master Bedroom - Current
This was the first room we painted when we moved in, and then we gave our bedroom a makeover shortly after our wedding, as it was also a wedding gift we received.  This makeover included a shopping trip to Ikea, and diy'ing the bed frame, headboard, striped art, and our dresser/media stand.
Master Bathroom - Before
Master Bath - Current
Patio - Before

Patio - Current

Backyard - Before
Backyard - Current
We added this flower bed to the yard when we planted these lilacs, and hope to get the rest of the yard looking like this.


  1. Everything looks great! I especially love what you've done with the kitchen. That green desk/hutch thing is beautiful! You've done a wonderful job transforming!

  2. Okay your house is seriously adorable! Love it all! You did an amazing job.

  3. You are doing a wonderful job in your new home. Congrat's on the home and the marriage. God bless you. You are an inspiration.

    I just have one suggestion to make. Put the cabinet doors back on the cabinets. When you remove doors from a cabinet it is not the same as open shelving. If you want open shelving then take down the cabinets and install shelves. Right now it just looks like the doors are "missing." Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    1. Hello! We actually just did this. The doors off the cabinets were just temporary.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Your afters look beautiful! I love what you did with the fireplace in the living room, the striped walls in the office and wow what a difference painting the trim in your hallway, you've done an incredible job! (I found your site via a link you put up on hometalk)

  5. You are such an inspiration! I love all your organizing ideas and the way you've decorated your home. I'm a lover of DIY projects too, so this has given me some great ideas. You are awesome! :)

  6. Hi Erin! What color did you paint the inside of the front door? I love that dark brown color :)

    1. Hi Melissa! It's actually an oops paint from Home Depot, so I have no idea what the actual color is! Sorry!!

  7. Hi Erin! I love what you've done with your home, it's so beautiful! I just had a question about the bench you built on your front porch… did you drill pilot holes before the screws? This will be the first thing I've ever built and I just want to make sure I'm doing it right. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you! I did drill pilot holes, and that seemed to help!

  8. Aerate your lawn once a year (usually early spring as soon as the snow all melts) and it will work wonders for your grass. (in addition to regular fertilizer)

  9. Hi Erin,
    Just came across your blog. What a shining example you are as to how to rescue a house from boring builder's oak and white walls. It looks fabulous, Great Job! Once you move on to the yard, you might want to check with your water utility to see if they offer any incentives for replacing some of that massive lawn with xeriscaping. We took out 75% of our front lawn and replaced it with flowering perennials, shrubs and grasses, and added a rock wall and dry river bed feature. In the back, we removed more than 1/2 the grass and put in an elevated planting bed with more flowering perennials, shrubs and grasses. With us doing most of the labor, the $1.25 a square foot the city paid us for the sections of grass we removed was enough to cover more than half the cost!


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