October 6, 2014

my simple & organized nightstand

I haven't shown our master bedroom very much on here, but today I thought I would share how I keep my nightstand simple and organized.  Our nightstands are actually small dressers from Ikea (the Kullen).  They're a great size, and a steal at about $40.00/each.
Just like the other spaces in our home, I like to keep very little on my nightstand.  I love the look of nightstands that are styled in magazines with a million accessories, flowers and all that goodness, but that's just not for me.  I like to be able to have space for a glass of water at night, and regular dusting is so much easier without a lot of clutter.

 One of my favorite things in this space is this curved glass print from Tiny Prints.  It's one of my favorite engagement pictures, and I love this unique way to display it.  During the day, the natural light behind it illuminates the photo, and at night, the lamp brightens it up and makes me smile every time I see it.  It is truly a special piece.
Here's a look inside the top drawer.  The liner is actually fabric leftover from our living room throw pillows.  I created it using this tutorial from Nalle's House.
 My glasses case is the perfect place to store them when they're not on my face and I've got some of my favorite lotion here.  These two small dishes are perfect for a place to stash a pair of earrings I may have forgotten to take off before bed, some chapstick and a few hair accessories.  I often wake up in the middle of the night needing to throw my hair up into a messy bun, or pin my bangs up, so it's nice to have them close by.
I also love to have these two books nearby.  The first is an old book that Matthew's Grandparents gave us as a wedding gift.  It was actually the book that their pastor gave them when they got married 50 years ago, and we feel incredibly honored that they passed it on to us.  I cherish the wisdom in this book, and love to read a few pages every once in awhile. 
 The other is a sweet little photo album that I've had for years, that I keep of just pictures of Matthew and myself.  It's fun to look back at all the different photos we've taken over the last 7 years and talk about all the wonderful memories we have.
 On the other side of this drawer, I have a few dollar store bins for my nail polish and tools.  It's nice to keep them all corralled in the same space, but have smaller sections to keep them even more organized. 
 The second drawer is where I keep some beautiful girly items that you certainly don't need to see! :-)

And in the third drawer, I have a spare blanket to grab when I wake up in the middle of the night in January and I'm freezing.  It's also a good place to stash my slippers to slide into on those cold mornings.
 So there it is...my simply organized nightstand!


  1. Great organization Erin! I love how simple and uncluttered everything is. Pinned it on my Organized Bedrooms board :)

  2. Love those bedside tables. I have dressers from Ikea's Malm collection in white, so I'm sad the style you have doesn't come in white :(

  3. Great organization. I love it

  4. I love that you used small dressers! I don't like the height of many actual nightstands so that is a great idea! Pinning this because I might have to make a trip to Ikea!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, actual nightstands are so small and sooooo expensive. I was so over the moon when we found these!

  5. I love the fact that you used small dressers! I don't like the height of actual night stands so this is a great idea! I am pinning because I might have to make trip to Ikea!

  6. I wish mine stayed so clean! I also have that same fabric;) great minds think alike! I'd love you to share this at my link party http://www.carissamiss.com/2014/10/outside-box-no-6.html

  7. Very nicely done, Erin, and I really like the fabric drawer liner!


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