Monday, September 29, 2014

{yet another} diy sunglasses & key holder

Could I make more of these, honestly? This is the 4th sunglasses and/or key holder I've made in the last few years.  But I know that everyone's organizing needs are different, so maybe this will be the best fit for you.

I actually shared this sunglasses & key holder last year as a guest post, but completely forgot to share it here.  If you look at this first picture, you can see our old floors, and even the old oak doors showing on the pantry.  Whew! Glad that's all gone!!
This project was super simple and inexpensive.  I actually had everything I needed, and it took  me about 20 minutes to complete.  Here's what you need:

1. Piece of Wood
I used a scrap piece of 1x8, but you could do any size you want, depending on how much you want to store.

2. Fabric of Choice
I chose a duck cloth in green chevron from Hobby Lobby.  This is leftover from the barstools I re-covered a few years ago.

3. Piece of Ribbon
The length should be the width of the board, plus a little bit extra to wrap around.  For instance, I used about 14" of ribbon for this board.

4. Cup Hooks
As many as you want, to hang up keys.

5. Cup Pull
This is a drawer pull that you can get for about $5.

6. Tools: 
Staple Gun, Staples, Power Drill/Screw Driver

To get started, cut your fabric to size and wrap it around the board like you would a present.  Staple the fabric down so it is tight.
Then, wrap your ribbon around the board at the top, and staple in the back.  I also stapled it once on each side to keep the ribbon tight when the sunglasses are hanging from it.
Measure where you want each cup hook, and make a small cut in the fabric on that spot and drill a hole a little bit.  Then, screw your cup hooks in.
Finally, drill holes for your cup pull, and screw it in place.  I love this addition to the board, because it's a great place to stash your chapstick, or even some loose change.  Depending on the size of your board, you could even add a few cup pulls for more storage.
Keep this next to the door, either hung on the wall or sitting on a table and everything is right where you need it for when you leave the house.
 Here are some of the other sunglasses & key holders I mentioned...


  1. What a great idea to keep those all contained in one place and easy to find. Thanks for the great tutorial. Cathy

  2. I love this! And all your other versions too! So pretty and very functional... the best of both worlds :)

  3. That looks gorgeous. I love the chevron pattern and that color is beautiful. Such a clever DIY. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Clever idea, Erin! Love the fabric. Chevron is so "in" right now.

  5. I love this.. especially the chevron one as it would look so great in my kitchen.. just wish I had some space to put it... Pinning this.

  6. I need This Badly. I lost my keys the other day when I cam home for lunch! I would love it if you would share a project on my Meet Up Monday Blog Party!


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