September 16, 2014

vinyl tile projects

If you've been following along for awhile, you know that we've used vinyl tile in quite a few spaces in our home.  Although it gets a bad wrap a lot of the time, we chose vinyl tile because it's inexpensive, holds up well, and it's not super cold, like tile, in the winter.  Yes, we could put in in-floor heating, but that would eat up a chunk of change that I'd rather spend on other things.

Plus, I absolutely love the way our tile looks.  The first tile we went with is the grouted vinyl tile in our 1/2 bath, laundry room and guest bathroom.
And, in our master bathroom we laid this plank vinyl tile that looks like wood.
I'm sharing these projects with you again because I created a clipboard of a bunch of other great vinyl tile projects over on Hometalk, to inspire you!

Are you on Hometalk?  It's like Pinterest, but with just home-related projects, and it's a great community! You can check out the full clipboard here.


  1. We just laid that wood-look vinyl in our basement, and I think I love it. It makes a ton of sense for a below grade application where getting real (or engineered) wood isn't a great idea, but you still want the warmth that the wood tones give a space.

  2. Great projects, and I love that wood pattern!

  3. Oh wow! That looks really nice! I may go with the wood grain vinyl in my bathroom and laundry room when I do it!

  4. We only have tile in our foyer and although I hate it because it is so hard to keep clean, I secretly love it because the one percent of the time where it is sparkling clean, it looks gorgeous!

  5. I would love to use the wood look vinyl in my master bath, but was wondering if you could install it over tile? Do you have any advice? Thank you!

    1. Yes! What type of tile do you have right now?

    2. It's just a ceramic tile, not shiny at all.

  6. Wow, the flooring looks amazing. I love the colors you picked as well. Great job, Erin!


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