September 17, 2014

storing throw pillows while you're sleeping

Every night when I go to bed, I love walking in to this view.  A simply made bed with just a few throw pillows to polish it off.

The problem with these pillows, which I'm sure you've faced a similar dilemma, is where to put them at night.  And, in our house, if you put them on the floor, this happens... 
I love my dogs, but I'm really not into them getting all their hair and dog smell all over my bed pillows. The solution we came up with was to purchase this target basket to keep them in at night.  
It's the same style basket that we keep blankets in downstairs in the living room, and goes really well in our space.  Pretty storage is the best, in my book.
I thought since I was sharing this storage solution, that I would round up a few other ways you can store throw pillows at night, too.

In a Trunk/Basket with a Lid
On a Chair Sitting in the Corner
On a Bench at the Foot of your Bed


  1. Thank you for the ideas, we just usually throw ours on the floor!! lol

  2. We have a bench at the end of our bed that they fit on perfectly - no tripping over them in the middle of the night. Thanks for these great ideas.

  3. I refuse to use throw pillows on the bed because of this! Maybe this could change my mind. :)

  4. Love the colors. Shared on twitter.

  5. I love using baskets. Gets htem out of the way and it looks really classy!

  6. Mine get thrown on the floor.. Love the use of baskets.

  7. I've always thought, "Why do I bother to do this. They wind up on the floor." I've never thought of baskets for my pillows. Will definitely be looking for some.

  8. I put mine between the wall and my nightstand...but I always brush it off before putting it back on my bed...these are such better solutions.

    Thanks for sharing ;)


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