September 1, 2014

parade of homes 2014 - common spaces

Last Saturday, we spent a few hours touring the Denver Parade of Homes.  We made 8 stops, and looked at over 20 homes.  These homes are decorated beautifully, and it's a great place to get design inspiration.  Plus, it's a great opportunity to look at all the model homes in the area without having to pretend you're interested in buying!

I took over 300 photos, but edited them down to the very best to share with you!  I still had over 50, so I split them up into today's post of common spaces (living rooms, kitchens, offices, etc), and then later this week I will share the bedrooms and bathrooms.  

And of course, we had to take a selfie. :-)
 Remember to check back on Friday for the bedrooms and bathrooms...they are breathtaking.


  1. If this is your home it's beautiful !!

    1. I sure wish it was! These are taken from many houses in the Denver Parade of Homes. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love the backsplash in the 9th photo. My parents just put something similar in their kitchen renovation. How fun to get to wander through show homes. I just browse online in the Houzz app. I got here via #BOB(B)

  3. My favorite is the very last photo :-) I'm drooling over the tablescapes and the door on tracks!!


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