September 11, 2014

diy fall flower wreath

Hello Everyone! Fall is coming quickly, so I started out my fall projects with this flowery fall wreath...
A few years ago, I made my first fall wreath and I really loved it.  But then, the sun took its toll, and the leaves faded and left me with a plain vine wreath.
I knew I wanted to make a new wreath for fall, so I wandered around Hobby Lobby for awhile, until I spotted these.  Each bunch was $11.99, but they were 40% off, so I paid less than $15 out of pocket for this project.  The full cost of the supplies would probably be around $25-$30 if you used Hobby Lobby/Michael's coupons for the wreath.
I started by cutting each flower off the bunch, leaving a few inches of stem to insert into the wreath.  
I placed each flower randomly and it took some trial and error to get it right. That's the great thing about this part though; no glue, so there's room to make changes until you get it right!
Something was still missing, so I grabbed this scrap of burlap I had in my craft supplies (leftover from my Christmas Card holder), to make a bow.  I used twine to wrap the center of the bow, and glued it closed.
 To attach the bow, I cut a piece of stem off the now-flowerless bunches, bent it into a "U", and slipped it through the twine.
 I was able to easily push the bow into the vine wreath and keep it in place.
The project only took about half an hour, or so, and is a great addition to our porch for fall.
I'll be sharing the full fall porch sometime next week.  Have a great day!

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  1. Looks awesome against the fall color of your door Erin! I can't wait to see the rest of your porch! I'm thinking, since it will be nice this weekend, I just may decorate our porch for Fall, for the very first time :-) #inspired

  2. Erin, I like your wreath. It is very pretty and seems so simple to make. Thanks for sharing!

  3. great wreath! Smart idea to just sneak those flowers in there as it will be easy to swap them out again later for winter, spring and summer!

  4. LOVE it! Now, if only the Fall weather would come my way :)

  5. Oh I love it!! That turned out so pretty and perfect for fall!! Stopping by from the linkup:)

  6. Oh, i love so much the palette of your wreath!

  7. It's lovely- and you gotta love those 40% off coupons and sales!


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