August 29, 2014

it's the little things

Happy Friday, Everyone! I'm sharing some of the "little things" I've come across in the last few weeks that inspire me and bring a smile to my face.  Check out my Pinterest page to see all of these, and many more beautiful images.
This Outdoor Space...So cozy and I'm loving the neutral colors with the mix of patterns.
This Ceiling...I would love to walk down this hall everyday
This Vanity and Sink...the mix of materials is breathtaking.

This Desk Space...the brick, the rug, the accessories...Plus, that memo board would be so easy to DIY
This Country Bedroom...The bed, linens and light fixtures are just amazing. I would love this for a guest room.
This Foyer...the glass door and gorgeous moulding makes quite a statement.
This Coat...It's such a great piece, and the best part is that it's less than $50!
This Kitchen...So much workspace, and those beams and island lights are amazing.
This Fall Scene...I love this color combo, and I'm ready for fall and everything pumpkin!
This Floor...my family is a little obsessed with board games (my parents own hundreds), and this Scrabble tile floor is just incredible.
This Great Room...Basically our dream room.  The dark wood, stone, built ins, stainless...so cozy.
This Planter...I love the bold black against the green and white of the flowers.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Great inspiration.

  2. These are really pretty. And that coat is so nice. I would love to have a need for a nice and dressy-ish fall coat again, but in NC it's just not the right weather and I don't travel enough. I should probably stick with the stash of coats I have now. ;)

  3. I'm loving the ceiling, the coat (omg, the coat!), and the scrabble floor is awesome!

  4. You have a great eye! I want all of those things in my house. :)

  5. You have great taste!


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