Thursday, August 14, 2014

it's the little things

Images are powerful.  I love perusing Pinterest or Instagram and seeing images that make me swoon, fill my heart with joy, or inspire me.  Here are some of those images...
This office...it's almost the exact same layout of our office and it is just gorgeous. When we need more workspace in here, we will definitely go for something like this.  This photo also makes me want to switch out the light in here for something more fun.
This guitar print...I'm always trying to find ways to incorporate Matthew's passions into our home design.
This romper...over the weekend we did a bit of shopping and I found this adorable romper for $20 at Loft.  I was feeling brave, as I've never worn one before, but I love it. I'm planning to wear it to a friend's bridal shower this weekend.
This Window Seat Cushion...this is my dream for our guest bedroom window seat.
This Striped Wall...such a creative way to achieve a beautiful look.
This Family...these twins had their first birthday over the weekend, and Matt took a bunch of photos.  
This Wardrobe Makeover...Jenna has been remodeling her home (and it's all gorgeous), and this wardrobe is breathtaking.  

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