August 27, 2014

diy instagram frame

If you follow me on Instagram (erinacolburn), you know that I like to take a lot of pictures.  The best part about these pictures is that they are taken anywhere and everywhere, and they really capture everyday moments in our lives. 

I was working on another project that went wrong and had a simple stained frame made from 1x2s left over.  It was sitting around for a few months and inspiration finally struck me one day to display my Instagram photos.

I made the frame by cutting down 1x2x8s, and nailing them together.  I stained them with Minwax's Jacobean.  This frame measures about 24" x 18".
To make the actual display, I used twine and a staple gun (which I already had), mini clothespins, and 4x4 Instagram Prints.  Walgreen's prints 4x4s now, and they almost always have some type of promo code available on RetailMeNot for prints.

I laid out my photos to determine where to place my twine and stapled the lengths of twine into the back of the frame.
 This took a few minutes, and then the frame was set to go and hanging in our upstairs hallway.
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  1. Great use of that frame! I need to make something like this. Guilty of taking a ton of photos (especially using IG) and when I do print, they seem to just end up in a pile.

  2. This is a fabulous idea!!! I have tons of IG photos that need a place in our home instead of my phone! LOL

  3. What a cute idea! Love it.

  4. Super cute frame idea. Found you on Find Your Voice Friday. Have a great weekend!


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