June 26, 2014

diy plank accent wall

Way back in November, we started updating our master bathroom with new paint, a gel stained vanity, and floors, and it was a great improvement. 
I mentioned then that I was working on an accent wall for behind the toilet, and I got about 90% of it done that weekend.  But then it just sat like that, 90% done, and it didn't actually get finished until yesterday.  

YESTERDAY, people. This is real life.  It took me over 7 months to finish this extremely simple project.

Here's a reminder of what the space looked like before:
 And here it is now.
 The plank wall came to a cost of about $25 (we had paint on hand), and I just basically followed this tutorial from Jenna Sue.

This photo is one of my favorites from our wedding, taken by the incredible Andy Sams.  The print was actually just a few dollars for shipping when Shutterly was doing a free 16x20 print special, and we picked up the rustic wood frame from Kohl's.  I believe it was on sale for about $20, but we had some Kohl's cash from Christmas gift purchases so it was free!
We also picked up a $5 white toilet seat to replace the almond one.  Who puts an almond toilet seat on a white toilet?  White on white is much cleaner looking.
I just love how simple it all is, and how it brings some extra character to the space.
The basket is from World Market, and the toilet paper holder is from Ikea.
Just a few more projects left in this room...be back soon! 


  1. Beautiful! Makes a huge impact on the space. I hear you on the "real life" stuff - trying to squeeze in home projects, full time job, motherhood, blogging, etc. Well, it always takes a bit longer to reach completion than I would like, but once the project is done it's all so worth it.

  2. Hi Erin- I am a Colorado girl too! Hey, we just planked a bathroom wall and now our toilet sits to far out (by .5"). We purchased the smallest toilet. It doesn't look like you ran into this issue? Ugh! I was so excited to have a working toilet! Laura


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