Wednesday, May 7, 2014

stitch fix #2

Over the weekend, another happy box showed up at my doorstep with my second Stitch Fix.  You can check out my first fix here for all the details.  Here's what they sent me:

Item #1 - Bay to Baubles - Julia Flower Gem Statement Necklace - $38
I knew as soon as I saw this in my box that it wasn't my favorite.  I'm not a huge-sparkly-rhinestones-that-look-like-flowers kind of gal.  It wasn't as bad when I put it on, but it's definitely not me. 

Item #2 - Maryln Schiff- Avah Mini Stone Teardrop Earrings - $42
These earrings were really gorgeous and would be great for spring/summer, but I just have a hard time spending this much on a pair of earrings.

Item #3 - 41Hawthorn - Dellora 3/4 Sleeve Zig Zag Blouse - $58
I really thought I would like this top on, but the fit was a little odd on me.  It was loose throughout most of the top, but it was a bit tight under my arms and the off-white color was not great with my skin tone.  I did really like the button detail on the sleeves, though.
 Item #4 - 41Hawthorn - Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan - $48
This cardigan is fabulous! Just ask my husband, I LOVE drapey cardigans and this one is so soft and the navy is perfect.  It's not too heavy, but warm enough for chilly evenings and rainy days.

 Item #5 - Loveappella - Carlita Jersey Maxi Dress - $78
 The last piece in my fix was this hot pink maxi dress.  At first, I thought I liked it.  Then, I tried it on, and realized it may not be the most flattering thing on my 5' 2" self.  Plus it was VERY PINK.

Overall, this was a super fun fix, and I ended up keeping the navy blue cardigan.  The best part, because of my fabulous friends and readers, I didn't have to pay a dime for this sweater! Thank you to everyone who used my referral link!!!

Thinking about getting your first fix?  Try it for $20, and then share your own referral link with others to earn credits!

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