Monday, April 28, 2014

the last bathroom: updated vanity & new floor

Just a short update today! We have been working away over here at this house of ours, but haven't quite finished a whole lot to post about. The final touches of the kitchen are coming together, so I will {hopefully} be posting about that very soon!

In the mean time, I've been jumping around to different rooms of the house a little bit to get other projects done, and started on our guest bathroom upstairs.  When we moved in, this is what the bathroom looked like:
Nothing in this bathroom is too terrible, but just on the boring side.  However, this bathroom has amazing light, probably the best light in the house, and I plan to keep it fairly airy.  The only part of this room that won't be kept light is the vanity, which I got stained nice and dark just like the other cabinetry in the house (half bath, kitchen and master bath).

I also did the same grouted vinyl tile in this room that I used in the half bath and the laundry room.  I like to use the same or similar base materials like this throughout the house so it flows well.
 Here's the up to date checklist for this room, from the larger checklist we made at the beginning of the year:

  • Come up with a design plan
  • Stain Vanity
  • Paint Walls/Trim
  • Update Floor - probably the same as the half bath
  • Frame Mirror
  • Remove towel bar/add towel hooks - like in the master bath
  • Buy New shower Curtain
  • Add Art/Accessories

Thursday, April 10, 2014

meaningful art in our home

This post is coming to you because we just ordered a new print that has so much meaning to us, that it got me thinking about the other things on our walls and making choices to incorporate more meaningful pieces into our home.  

To get us started, here's the new piece; it's the Congress Bat Bridge in Austin, TX.  We started our life together in Austin and lived there for three years, so we fell in love with this unique print from pressedufour on Etsy.  We put it in our 1/2 bath downstairs because this space was needing something new and this is the perfect fit.  
The wood frame is from Kohl's, and I love that it looks a little beaten up.
That print makes me smile every time I walk into the room, and reminds me of a city that is very dear to my heart.  Here are some other ways we've incorporated meaningful art into our home:

Travel Photos
The summer after high school, Matt backpacked through Europe and took so many amazing shots, and we have some of them displayed in our house.
 Check out the entry makeover here.
Wedding Mementos
Re-using items from your wedding, besides your actual photos, is a great way to remember one of the most important days of your life.  We used this print as our guest book, and it is hanging in our upstairs hallway.
There are so many great examples of using names and initials as art out there, but ours was actually a gift from my parents for our wedding.  My family is VERY into games and so this actually has a double meaning because it not only has our names, but everyone in my family has their own Scrabble board like this as well.
 When we have kids, their names will be added to this board.
Our relationships with God are extremely important to us, so having scripture in our home is a constant reminder of his love for us.  I made this piece a few months ago the same way I made this Christmas carol art (except I used a pre-made canvas this time).
All of these, along with all of our personal photos and other art/objects really work together to make a home that is really beautiful and peaceful for us.
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