March 10, 2014

a very welcoming garage door + giveaway

Good Morning, Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! As you know, last year I updated the house-side of our garage entry door by painting it blue.
I love this so much and the other side of the door has been sitting boring and blah since we moved in.  In case you were wondering, I am really keeping it real on the blog today, you'll get to see our garage in all of its messy/disorganized glory.  I'm anxiously waiting for spring to get this place cleaned up again.
I had seen a few other really cute garage doors from around the blogosphere, so I decided to go the same route as some others, with a black door and a vinyl greeting.

I found The Vinyl Company on Etsy and fell in love with this decal for a welcome sign for my door.  
However, I really wanted the decal to say "welcome home" so I emailed the shop owner, Sarah, to see if she could make something custom for me.  She was so helpful and wrote me back with the specific dimensions of the custom decal and she created a custom listing for me to order right away.

It took about a week to show up on my doorstep, and when it was delivered I picked up a $3 test pot of Behr Onyx Black and this cute little $1 foam roller and mini tray from Home Depot and got to painting.
Here's the door after coat one.  I usually start with the inset frames and then paint the rest of the space around them.  This process looks really ugly for the first coat or two. 
 Coat 2...
Then I painted my third coat and added the message. How cute is that?!
The best part is that I didn't tell Matthew that I was doing any of this, so he came home to this message.
 Sometime in the future I would love to paint this trim white and possibly paint the walls.
 Remember, this is real life, people...
 I absolutely love the way the door turned out and the vinyl is just perfect!!
 Ok, so you know what's even more exciting?  Sarah is going to give away one of these "welcome home" vinyl decals to one of my fabulous readers!  This giveaway closes at 12am CST on Monday, March 17th, and I will post the winner here.


  1. I would use this on the front door

  2. Jennifer12:09 PM

    Looks great! I would use this in the same place. Just haven't settled on the door color yet. Choosing a color is always so difficult for me!

  3. So cute! I love that idea.

  4. Love it! Steve says reading your blog is dangerous, you know.

  5. Love this and totally want it for my garage door!

  6. Love , love, love the door and message!

  7. This is so cute! And your garage is still way cleaner than mine.

  8. Love it! I would put it right on my front door! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  9. Perfect for the front door. so cute!

  10. This is adorable!!

  11. I would use this on our walk out basement door at the front of our house. I am in the middle of converting the space into a mudroom. So far I've got board and batten up, an entire wall of hooks, and the back of the door painted. I would love to finish it off with refreshing the outside, too!

  12. Nicole Goodfellow9:17 AM

    I have wanted to do this for many years now. Maybe if I win I will get to do it sooner then later

  13. I love this idea and want to change my garage door to look like this. :)

  14. Laura G.9:38 AM

    I just found your blog through IHeart Organizing! Totally in love. Thanks for the lovely blog and the Sunday morning inspirational blog strolling. Love the welcome home decal!

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment! Happy Sunday!

  15. I'd love to win. Have been thinking of doing this for awhile ☺️

  16. I love this. I am going paint the door to the garage and put it how you had it so everyone coming home knows.. this is home!!! PEACE!!!!!


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