February 7, 2014

our awkward entry

This is a story about an awkward entry, and this girl's two year dilemma of what to do in said entry.  See our entry is the main pathway for the front door and to the second level of our house, and while it was too big to have nothing there, it's also too small for a table that would actually do any good.
So we painted this space and eventually painted the back of the door and were left with this:
Then, one night a few weeks ago when I was browsing Pinterest, I came across this photo...
As soon as I saw it, I showed it to Matt and we agreed hanging pictures almost the full height of our entry wall would be a great solution for this small awkward space.  I also thought the bench was super cute and thought maybe I would just build something small to go there, but didn't think much more about it.

Then, one night while we just happened to see if anything peaked our interest at Marshalls, I found this storage basket/trunk, and its measurements were just perfect for our new plan for the entry.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic and pretty sure it was a decor miracle.  
I still needed to get frames, and planned to just wait until we went to Ikea next to pick some up, but then we found an awesome sale at Michael's.  The frames were on sale for "3 for the price of 1", and Matt found a coupon for 25% off frames (including sale!!!!), so we ended up paying $6 less than we would have at Ikea, and I didn't have to drive all the way down to Ikea to get them.

That day we were also moving all of the oak hardwood, from our recent flooring adventure, and seemed to forget this detail while we were in Michael's.  It was only when we walked outside that we remembered our car looked like this...
 Somehow I figured out how to get in there with these 20" x 20" frames, AND I was even buckled up...for safety.
Anywho, back to the entry...after we got home that day, I picked out some of my favorite scenic pictures that Matthew took when he backpacked Europe during the summer of 2007, and sent them over to Walgreens to be printed as 8" x 10"s.  These were the winners...
About an hour later, I picked them up and we hung up the pictures. 
Nothing is in here yet, but it could be great storage in the future!
Also notice that the door knob and deadbolt no longer blend in with the door.  Originally, I was going to buy new door hardware but after some crazy sticker shock I opted to buy a $3.67 can of Krylon ColorMaster Brushed Metallic - Nickel spray paint instead, and Matt got these updated a few days ago.
The views from around the house are awesome, too.
 Besides painting the inside of the coat closet door, the entry is done.  The best part about this is that we not only have this done, but we got to display some of Matt's photos and that makes it that much more personal.  I like to imagine that when he sees these everyday, it takes him back to his wonderful adventure, all those years ago.

  • Paint the Inside of the Coat Closet Door 
  • Add new front door hardware - we're thinking brushed nickel to contrast with the dark door
  • Add a piece of furniture, or floor to ceiling art, or board and batten (can't quite make up our minds on this one, yet)

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