February 5, 2014

laundry room...check!

Last week, while I was at Home Depot for one reason or another, I picked up this bamboo shade for the laundry room.  Our laundry room window is only 22.5 inches wide, so this shade was only $16.47.  

FYI - For anyone that is looking to purchase any of these, buying this was a bit confusing because it's marketed as a 23" shade, but then in small print it says it's actually 22.5", which is the size of our window.  Not sure why it's not just marketed that way in the first place...?
home depot
It was fairly simple to install, and I love the way it looks with the light green walls; it adds a good bit of texture that was needed in this room.
Now that this shade is up, the to do list for this room is complete, and that's one less room on my list for 2014.  I love the way this room looks and feels.
This side of the room is where we wash, dry and fold all the laundry, and where our dog food is kept out of sight.

This cabinet holds our cleaning supplies, light bulbs, vases, dog treats, and extra paper towels.
 The other side of the room has our utility sink, hanging laundry baskets, and our mini-mudroom/drop-zone.
 This cabinet is a little less organized, but I have extra cleaning supplies in the way back, along with a trash can, a bucket for rags and brushes, as well as our duster and watering can in front.
 This is one of my favorite views in the house right now.  The mixture of the neutrals on the hallway walls, the floors and the white trim, along with the pops of color on the garage door and the laundry room walls just make me feel good.
And Home.
Laundry Room To Do List 2014
  • Install New Flooring - same as the half bath (Completed in January here)
  • Make New Sunglasses/Key Holder (Completed in January here)
  • Add small artwork? (Completed in January here)
  • Update Curtain/Shade
Here are a couple before and after shots of this room:


  1. It looks beautiful. We bought a new home recently and i am also decorating my laundry first. Also I stay in Aurora CO. Great to see a fellow Colorado woman.

    1. Thank you! Congrats on the new home, "neighbor"!


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