Friday, February 28, 2014

justin timberlake concert

This concert was over a month ago, but I finally got some time to go through the video to get some stills to post about it!  We went on January 22nd, and it was awesome!  However, I was really worried when we got there because we were literally in the top row, on the very edge of the stage.

See this picture? No one behind us!
I think the reason why we end up with not so great seats at these arena shows is because 1.) we're cheap, and 2.) we almost always buy on pre-sale and they only have certain seats available, typically.  
There was no opener, but there was a DJ that was really fun and kept us entertained until the show started.  
The first half of the show was really good, but then there was an intermission, which seemed odd for a concert like this.  I took the opportunity to get another pic of us.  Ya know, because I don't have enough of those already :-)
After the show started up again, we realized that the reason there was an intermission was because they had to rope off the floor sections and no one down there could go in or out because of this giant piece of the stage that raised up and rolled all the way down the aisles to the other end of the arena. It was very impressive
Eventually, it rolled on back down to our side and the show ended with so much energy.  Grins from ear-to-ear on these faces.
It was such an incredible show, and our seats actually didn't ruin it at all! He performed for almost three whole hours and we didn't get out until after midnight!

Leaving the show however, was not our favorite thing.  We parked in a lot that was pretty close to the arena, and they only released one parking lot at a time, starting with the farthest.  We sat in the parking lot, not moving, for an hour.  It had also started snowing during the show, which was beautiful, but the roads were basically an ice rink by the time we finally left.  

Luckily, Matt braved the roads and "slid" home while I slept, and we didn't get home until 2am on a Thursday morning.  He said it was probably better that I had slept because the roads were not fun and I would have just freaked out the whole time. 

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