Wednesday, February 26, 2014

capturing memories

If you haven't noticed by now, photos are a big thing for me.  The way a photo can make me feel and bring back memories is priceless, and we decided to take that feeling to heart and invested in a new camera.  We picked out the Nikon D3100 and coincidentally found it on clearance at Target! It was meant to be.
It was a larger purchase, but so far it has been worth every penny.  As soon as it came, Matt was taking pictures.
Then, over the weekend we had our best friends over for breakfast with their babies and Matt took these pictures.  Once I reviewed them, I knew that we had made a good decision in this camera.  And once I saw the look on my friends' face when they saw the photos, I was sold 100%.
I mentioned in this post that Matthew takes some amazing photos (and those he actually got with a point and shoot), but the truth is that he really enjoys photography.  Having this new piece of equipment will give him the chance to capture these moments we love so much.

As for me, I'm really excited to have the opportunity to take better pictures, but also really dreading it.  I'm not great at teaching myself how to use things, especially something with so many functions and buttons. So, we'll see how it goes.  Here's to better pictures on this little blog of mine!

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