Monday, January 20, 2014

our weekend + another birthday

Happy Monday, Everyone! We had a fantastic weekend  full of relaxation, family time and I sang in the Ensemble (choir) at church.  On Saturday night, we celebrated my Mom's birthday, which was actually on the 15th.  I snapped this cute picture of my parents at dinner.
Then I asked Mom to take a picture of Matthew, my brother and me.  When I handed her the phone, she was holding it funny and asked how to take the picture.  It was a great moment, because she DOES know how to do it, but she was holding the phone backwards, so we were all laughing so hard...and then she snapped this picture. #hadtobetheremoment
Here we are reenacting the scene...
Once we stopped laughing, we got some pictures...not sure why my brother is making these faces.
 Actually, I do know why he's making this face...I was pinching his arm telling him to smile like a normal person, and I guess it didn't feel great.
 We had a great evening with them and Matt beat us all at Scene It! Happy Birthday, Mom!

On Sunday, I sang at church and then we headed home to watch the Bronco game.  This is a rare occurrence in our house, as we probably watch one football game at home every two years, but it was great to see our team win and now we're going to the Super Bowl!!
 We finished off the weekend with a delicious dinner and just relaxing.  We are working toward a goal of having more down time on our weekends, with less projects and more time with each other, family and friends.

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