January 17, 2014

installing our laminate floors {part 2}

They're DONE!!!!!!!! (seriously, if I wasn't typing right now, I would be jumping up and down and dancing, I'm so excited!).  And because they're done, I am picking up where I left off from last week's post...

After I got the table moved over onto the new floor, I got the rest of the oak ripped out, and we had bins and bins of hardwood all over the house.
 Then we got the last bits of the new subfloor down, and made our way through the rest of the dining room and the hallway.
After we got all the actual planks down, we worked on the baseboards.  We decided that instead of putting the silly little round corner baseboard pieces back on, that we wanted to beef up the baseboards in these rooms.  We made these simple 90 degree angles and filled the space with spackle.
Then, we added quarter round, caulked and touched up the paint everywhere...and they are b-e-a-utiful!  I've been told that this isn't the way you're technically "supposed" to do baseboards with rounded corners, but we absolutely love them like this.
Without further ado, our new floors...get ready for picture overload - I'm a little excited.
 We decided to shorten the table (with the amazing butterfly leaf put away), and now the dining room feels huge.
It's amazing how much larger the spaces feel now that they have the same flooring, and the doorways feel 50% larger than they were before! Incredible, and a change that I wasn't expecting, but am so happy with!
In the kitchen, the actual floors are done, but we still have to add the toe kicks and quarter round to the cabinets, and we have plans to beef up the island in the near future.
If you hadn't noticed in the first post, I took down the verticals and hung up new curtains.  We love them, and we got the pair of panels for $20 total at Marshalls.
And now, how about some before and afters from when we first bought the house to today...
And, I just had to share this little girl...she just wanted to be in the pictures!


  1. Looks amazing! Esepcially the kitchen before and afters!

  2. How are the floors holding up, so far? My husband and I can't decide between these and a more rustic looking floor!

    1. So far they are great! It's been a few months and our dogs play on them all the time and there have been no issues at this point!

  3. Is there no scratches nails like dogs and cats....

    1. Hello Anthony! So far we haven't had issues with the dogs' nails scratching the floor.

  4. Did you lay the kitchen floor over the existing floor?

    1. Yes. We just laid it right over the linoleum, with an underlayment


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