Monday, January 13, 2014

his 25th birthday

This past Saturday, my wonderful husband celebrated his 25th birthday, and it was great.  When we woke up, I gave him his first gift - a new guitar stand! I know it doesn't really look like one in this picture, but it's really awesome - you can check it out here.  I gave it to him early in the day because he played at church this weekend, so I wanted him to be able to use it.
We headed out for breakfast, just the two of us, and then spent the next few hours just hanging out (ie watching tv and playing video games).  While he was at church, I made him his traditional Angel food birthday cake (also the first one I haven't burned in the last 6 years!).
After church, my parents treated us to his birthday dinner at Texas Road House, and boy it was delicious.
We opened gifts, and then ate some delicious cake (if I do say so, myself), before calling it a night.  My brother was even kind enough to buy pink sparkly candles for the cake...
Matthew said he had a wonderful birthday, and it was so fun to celebrate with him!

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