January 22, 2014

from one floor to the next

After finishing up the new laminate floors in our kitchen, dining room and hallway, I was about ready to wait a good long while before tackling any other floors.  But, unfortunately, I still have two more floors on my to-do list for this year.

So, before the transition went in between the hallway and laundry room, I decided to tackle that room with the same grouted vinyl tile that we put in the half bath.  There were actually a few sneak peaks of this new floor in the last post about the other new floors.  You can check out the full tutorial here for this new floor.  This room started out with the same linoleum that was originally in the half bath and kitchen.
The best part about this project (besides the fact that I updated this floor for less than $50), was that it only took me about 3.5 hours to complete.  This includes prep work, laying the tiles, grouting, moving the washer and dryer around, laying the rest of the tiles, grouting those tiles, putting back the baseboards, caulking, and touching up the paint,.
Behind the washer, there was a big tear and bubble of the original linoleum, so I simply cut it out and continued laying the new tiles.

An afternoon of work was all it took to completely update this floor, and it's a huge improvement. Everyone always thinks this is real stone tile, but it's a whole lot less moolah, a whole lot easier to install, and a whole lot warmer on your feet!
Here are some before and afters of the view into this room!
Getting this floor done means I'm one step closer to being finished with this room.

Laundry Room To-Do List 2014
  • Install New Flooring - same as the half bath
  • Make New Sunglasses/Key Holder
  • Add small artwork?
  • Update Curtain/Shade

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