Monday, January 6, 2014

2 years in our home

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year! It's pretty cold and snowy today in Colorado, and I hope everyone is staying safe and warm everywhere else as well - crazy weather!

Saturday marked two years in our home, and we are absolutely loving it! I woke up Matthew by saying "Happy Houseiversary!"...pretty much if I can add "iversary" to something, I will!

It's been a ton of work so far to add our personal touches to this house, but worth every minute and penny.  I was going through our House Tour page on Saturday and it's amazing to look back on how much some of the spaces have changed.  In doing this, I made a semi-realistic list of the things I would like to complete in the next year, inside this house of ours. You can check out how far we had come after the first year here.

  • Paint the Inside of the Coat Closet Door (it's still oak #fail)
  • Add new front door hardware - we're thinking brushed nickel to contrast with the dark door (Completed in February here)
  • Add a piece of furniture, or floor to ceiling art, or board and batten (can't quite make up our minds on this one, yet) (Completed in February here)
Living Room

  • Add something interesting to the back of each cubby in the media stand (something like reclaimed wood or beadboard, is what we're thinking)
  • Buy two more baskets to make the whole bottom row baskets on the media stand
  • I may switch out the curtains - as much as I like the yellow chevron, I would love something with a bit more texture and warmth.
Dining Room
  • Finish New Floors - we started these a few weeks ago, and haven't posted about it yet (Completed)
  • Update Baseboards/add quarter round (Completed in January. Read here and here)
  • Add Curtains (remove valance) (Completed in February here)
  • Switch out/get new artwork for this space
  • Possibly update the light fixture
  • Keep our eyes peeled for a great rug for this space (Completed in February here)

  • Lighten the paint color
  • Reconfigure Furniture
  • Refurbish Console Table and add into room
  • Make a cork/memo board
  • Make Collage on Small Wall
  • Finish New Floors (Completed in January! Read here and here)
  • Update baseboards/add quarter round (Completed in January. See above links)
  • Beef Up Island (We didn't beef this up as much as planned, but went more simplistic.)
  • Remove fluorescent light and add pendants (The fluorescent light is gone, but we decided we didn't need pendants, and didn't want anything obstructing the view of the kitchen, anyway)
  • Find/Make a Shade for the window (Completed!)
  • Take down vertical blinds on glass sliding door, and replace with curtains (Completed)
  • Update Counters/Sink/Faucet (Completed in February here)
  • Add Beadboard backsplash (We decided against beadboard, and added a stone backsplash here)
  • Find new barstools that look better in the space (Completed!)
Laundry Room

  • Install New Flooring - same as the half bath (Completed in January here)
  • Make New Sunglasses/Key Holder (Completed in January here)
  • Add small artwork? (Completed in January here)
  • Update Curtain/Shade (Completed in February here)

Guest Room
  • Possibly change the dresser
  • Build Headboard
  • Build a bedframe or add a bedskirt
  • Install Ceiling Fan - This room gets HOT in the summer
Guest Bathroom
  • Come up with a design plan
  • Stain Vanity
  • Paint Walls/Trim
  • Update Floor - probably the same as the half bath
  • Frame Mirror
  • Remove towel bar/add towel hooks - like in the master bath
  • Buy New shower Curtain
  • Add Art/Accessories
Master Bath

Master Closet
  • Add Mirror
  • Add Better Jewelry Storage
  • Extend Shelving/Make better use of space

Not too crazy of a list, right? There are a lot of little projects that I'm looking forward to, but the most exciting to me is getting new counters in the kitchen. We've been saving our pennies, so hopefully that will be in just a few months!

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