Monday, December 30, 2013

looking back on 2013

As we quickly approach the New Year, I thought it would be fun to look at the highlights from the past year on this blog, and in our life (picture to link).  I'm also including my favorite Instagram pictures (follow @erinacolburn) for each month, since that seems to be where I catch so many of our moments in life.  You can check out looking back on 2012 as well.

January 2013
Right after all of our family members left from staying with us for the holidays, we got our decorations put away and got the house in order while I awaited the arrival of my precious gel stain.  As soon as it arrived, I got the vanity in our half bath transformed and that opened a whole big can of worms...
 With My Love; Taylor Swift Guitar pick

February 2013
We continued with our gel staining adventure, and drastically changed the cabinets, and added open shelving, which looks amazing (if I do say so, myself).
Roxy always needs attention; Snow looked like Dippin' Dots

March 2013
We kept plugging away on big projects in March, but it was nice to stop and make this cheerful spring mantel for Easter.
Rehearsing for Easter Service; Snowy Road

April 2013
We finished up the half bath in April, and I have to say it's one of my favorites spaces in the house. So crisp, clean and simple.
Totally Normal for our weird dogs; Back to Brunette

 May 2013
DIY projects slowed down a ton over the summer, so there was unfortunately no project in May...but I did go to NYC with my Mom, and it was amazing. You can read about it here, here and here.
With Cousin Ike in Durango; First Lilac Blooms in the Yard

June 2013
On our first anniversary, I recapped all of my memories from that day.  It was so wonderful to write all of those feelings down, and know that I will always have that to look back on to remember that perfect day.
Hot Air Balloon sighting from my office; Lightning Storm

July 2013
The only project I completed in July was painting this door to the garage, and boy does it make a difference.  This blue adds an awesome pop of mellow color that was needed in this hallway.
Heat Wave; Breakfast with Kiva 

August 2013
No Posts in August!?!?! Sorry about that! But here are some IG highlights...
Tornado Warning with Kat; Roxy on our GREEN lawn

Taking Trees Home; Phillip Phillips Concert

 September 2013
I shared how we expanded our patio, but this project was actually completed in June...
Bangs! ; Matt Wertz Show

October 2013
One of my favorite, and yet most simple projects to to date, was hanging these baskets. They make such good use of this space in the laundry room.
With Aden in Oklahoma;  Lila Snuggles

November 2013
I finally got some motivation to do a bigger project, and got the floors redone and walls repainted in our master bathroom.  More updates are on their way in the new year.
Dresden Snuggles; Mimosas and the Parade on Thanksgiving

December 2013
One small craft in this busy month - DIY Placemat Pillows.
M&L Water Bottle from Dad; Starting New Floors
Christmas Tree & Michael Buble; Growing My Nails Out

 This year was an amazing one! So many dreams of ours are coming true and I have loved sharing all of it here. Wishing you a Happy New Year, and we'll post again in 2014! Love you all!!

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  1. This is really cool! I love all your work and ideas! Happy New Year!!


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