Monday, December 9, 2013

diy placemat pillows - no sewing machine required

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture I posted back on November 9th...

"Had a very successful target shopping trip... One super adorable fox, two placemats that I intend to turn into pillows, and another music-playing Taylor Swift guitar ornament to add to last year's!"
The fox and ornament found their homes right away, but I have to admit that it took me weeks to actually get around to turning these placemats into throw pillows.

This project was super simple, and all I used for each pillow was a placemat, stuffing from old pillows that need replacing, a seam ripper and some coordinating thread.  I picked these up from the Threshold line; they're a nice red and tan burlap fabric.
 They are the type of placemats that are already two pieces of fabric sewn together, so by ripping apart a few inches of one side, and stuffing, you have a quick pillow! No sewing machine necessary!
 To make sure the pillows weren't lumpy, I took little bits of stuffing and tore them up into smaller bits and added a little bit at a time. This took about 15 minutes per pillow, but it was very easy and even kind of relaxing! 

After I finished stuffing them 'til they were nice and plump, I sewed those suckers back up. I didn't actually have red thread to match, but some tan that matched the contrasting color on the front of the pillow.  Plus, the stitches are so small that you have to really look for them to even notice.
 About a half hour later, I had brand new throw pillows to add some warmth and color to our living room.
The best part is that these placemats are only $3 each, so they are much cheaper than store-bought pillows!

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  1. I've heard of sewing 2 place mats together to make pillows but never separating them like that! I similar ones from Target I think I will make into pillows. Thanks for the suggestion!


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