Wednesday, December 11, 2013

decorating for christmas

We're all set for Christmas around here, so I thought I would share some of the fun we had putting up our decorations this year.  Two weekends ago (right after Thanksgiving), we took a look at the forecast for the upcoming week and decided that we should probably put our lights up outside since the high temps were going to be in single digits for most of the week.

Putting the lights up was relatively easy because last year we installed cup hooks to make it more simple.
However, we do not own a ladder that's taller than 4 feet, so we had to McGyver the lights up on the highest part of the house.  But, Matthew rocked it out and got them up there in no time!  Getting all of the outdoor decorations up took us no longer than a half hour.
I used the same garland as last year, but I decided to swag it this year instead of loop it around the rail.
 Because of those temperatures, which ended up going down into the twenties below zero at night, most of the Christmas trees were frozen at Home Depot this year, so we just took a chance and picked one out.  To be honest, I didn't even really care which one we got at that point because picking out a tree at night when it's below zero is not fun at all.

This is what the tree looked like when we got home. Around 8 feet or so, like last year.
Then, we woke up to this, the next morning:
 Probably wouldn't have picked it if it had been open like this, but definitely not bad!! The star went on first, but I was having difficulty getting it to stay, so Matt had to climb up there to cut some of the top off and get it in place.
 Then he made me pose again, before putting on the lights.  This is the only post all year where there are more pictures with me in them, rather than Matthew.
Our new ornaments this year are another Taylor swift guitar, a squirrel dressed in human clothes and a beautiful wooden nutcracker.
And here it is all decorated.
After we got all the decorations up, I set the timer on the camera to get a few shots of the two of us with our tree.
 The girls were really good the whole time, and just hung out by the fire while we decorated, and Bailey later decided that she wanted to lay on the tree skirt...
The house is decorated basically the same way that it was last year, but I'll be back to share all the decorations soon!

Just for fun, take a look at our trees from years past:

We were about to close on our house, so we were actually staying with my parents.
This tree was at their house!

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