November 14, 2013

master bath makeover - new floors and paint

Get ready....this is going to be a long one...
Almost two years ago, we bought our house and liked the master bathroom right away. It was big enough, but not too big, and we knew that with some cosmetic changes it could be really beautiful.
One of the very first things I did in this house was paint this room.  I picked up a gallon of Oops paint in a blue/green color that I loved and painted the walls that night.
 Ugh...what was I thinking?!?! 
For those of you whose first thought was "why would she choose that color, that makes her tile look gross-orange" you were right! I realized this color was not great about a year ago and spent a long time trying to figure out what to do in here to bring my tile back to beige, and not orange.

I knew that I also needed to update the floor and vanity first, and that may change the direction I went with paint.  So I got the vanity updated by gel staining just like I did to the powder room vanity and to the kitchen cabinets, and tackled the lovely, urine-colored linoleum floor next.
We chose vinyl flooring from Lowe's that looks like wood for this room, and it was about 99 cents/square foot, so we did the whole floor in this room for less than $45! Here are some pictures from that process...peel and stick is pretty simple, so I'll save you from the step-by-step directions.
At this point, the room was looking so so much better and I finally decided that darkish grey would be a great color in this room to calm it down, and tie in well with the "wood" floor, dark vanity and beige tile. Enter Behr's Elephant Skin
This color is Uh-mazing and I can't believe the impact it has in the space.  After we got the walls painted, I touched up a bunch of the caulking, added the baseboards back in, got those caulked and called this step done.
Here's where we are at currently in this space...we have two framed mirrors on the counter that we plan to hang permanently in place of the large builder-grade mirror behind it. 

However, I must admit...they have been sitting on the counter, in their cardboard since January. #fail
We left this wall unpainted, because we have a special surprise project in store...stay tuned to see our updates.
Such a better view from our bedroom now!
Check out this little before and after:
We have plans to do the following in the space:
Secret surprise to wall behind toilet
Remove builder-grade mirror and hang new mirrors
Add Window Treatment
Switch out toilet seat for one that is actually white, and will match the toilet
Add Art/Accessories
Switch out light fixture(s)?
Add Rugs
Add organization/storage feature inside vanity


  1. I love it! You do such a great job on everything! How do you lay the floors around the toilet? Did you have to pull up the toilet or just cut the flooring to fit around the toilet? Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Angelle! We didn't pull up the toilet, actually. Check out how I do this with vinyl here: http://www.magentaandlime.net/2013/03/grouted-vinyl-tile.html

  2. Looks fantastic!! We may look into the vinyl wood look floors as well, so economical!

    1. Thank you! We love vinyl for bathrooms because it's not as cold as tile floor and I'm too cheap to put heating in the floor!

  3. Erin it looks amazing!! I am so impressed with everything you are doing! And I LOVE magenta and lime. :)

    1. Thanks, Kristen!! I love that you read this!!

  4. Wow, it looks great! I love the vinyl wood floors.

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  6. My wife is DYING to update our existing builders grade oak trim & moulding to WHITE! I have already completed a bathroom vanity with the General Finishes espresso -- looks amazing.
    I need to know what tools you use to remove the baseboard trim and the method you are using to paint them. I'm assuming you are leaving the door jams/trim installed and just using brushes & white paint? Also, I'm assuming you are removing the doors and spray painting them. Which model spray gun are you using. Finally, what is your technique for prepping the removed trim/moulding/doors and painting?? Do you sand, prime, paint?

    Thanks for all your tutorials -- its a true inspiration!

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks so much for reading!

      For the trim, I remove with a flathead screw driver and hammer, and I leave the door frames in place. I sand the trim a bit to break up the shine and then I usually paint three coats of white with a brush.

      For the doors, I actually don't remove them. I keep them in place, give them a light sanding followed by 1 coat primer and three or four coats white paint! I typically use a small roller intended for painting very flat surfaces.

      Good luck with the painting!!


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