Wednesday, November 6, 2013

halloween festivities

This year was pretty low-key for Halloween.  I didn't do very much decorating besides my fall decor on the front porch, similar to what I did last year.  But, we did carve pumpkins with my family, handed out candy to adorable trick or treaters, and dressed up in yet another couples costume.

If you follow me on instagram (@erinacolburn), you may have seen this picture with my caption "Carving Pumpkins with the family tonight". 
As my brother pointed out, this really only looks like Matt and I are carving 5 pumpkins by ourselves, so here's the proof that the others were there as well!
 While I was trying to dump the goop out of my pumpkin, I dropped it in the trash can.
 Finished Products!
From Left to Right: Matt, Me, Connor, Mom and Dad
Last Saturday, we went over to my parents' for their annual Halloween card party, and we followed our tradition by dressing in a couple's costume.  We went with Nick Miller and Jessica Day from New Girl this year.  
Have you seen that show? It's hilarious!
Matt's costume was pretty much just his own clothing and he painted some stubble onto his face. haha!
 Here is everyone from the party that dressed up (sorry a little blurry!).
That night was also our 6th anniversary together, so I made Matt take this cute picture with his phone...
...then it turned into this...
Yeah...we're truly meant for each other...
 So that was our Halloween this year.  What did you do to celebrate? Did you carve pumpkins and dress up, or did you skip it this year?

PS...just for fun, here are the other couples costumes we've done in the past. I seriously love these!
2008 - Pilot and Stewardess
2009 - Charlie Brown and Lucy
2011 - Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo
2012 - Edward and Bella from Twilight


  1. Those are huge pumpkins! LOVE the costumes! New Girl is one of my favourite shows :)

    1. I know! Biggest pumpkins we have ever had! And they were only $5/each!


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