Tuesday, November 19, 2013

15 days to a simpler home - 1 year update {part 2}

Did you see my first update post from last week? I covered the cleaning checklist, mudroom/drop-zone, kitchen, living room and guest bathrooms.  Today I'm continuing these updates from the series I did last year: 15 Days to a Simpler Home.
Day 6 - Office Space Organization
As far as organization in this space, I got rid of a traditional file box, made most of my bills e-statement only, and then moved everything else over to a 3-ring binder.  I keep everything from current bills/statements and important receipts to our birth certificates, passports and other important info.
Day 7 - Linen Closet
This space hasn't changed much, but I did add the baskets that I mentioned in this post so I have some washcloths/hand towels as well as pillow cases in those.
Plus, even though everyone tells me I'm crazy, we still have just two towels that Matthew and I use on a regular basis.  We wash them once a week, and two years later they are still fantastic!
Day 8 - The Guest Room
We got this chair for just $19 at Home Depot, a few months ago, so we also added this to the room to give a place for someone to sit down that isn't the bed.
Day 9 -  The Laundry Room
This is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  We still love the hanging bar, but have a few new updates.  Under the sink is where the trash can now lives, because we got this dog food container to keep the big bags fresh for as long as possible.
Possibly the best part of this room are the hanging laundry baskets that I just added above the fully installed/plumbed utility sink!  It was such a simple update, but has had a huge impact on the space and how we use it!
Plus, the mini-mudroom/drop-zone in here is priceless.
Day 10 - Your Master Bedroom Oasis
Organization in our bedroom has not changed one bit; it just works.
I'll be back next week to update you on the remaining five spaces: Bedroom Closets, Bathrooms, Basement, Garage and my Craft/Gift Wrap storage.

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