Thursday, October 3, 2013

quick pantry makeover

We have a pretty standard pantry...it's narrow-ish and deep, which doesn't make organizing the easiest. But, it's still a pantry, and I'm thankful for that!
 When we painted the kitchen and hallway earlier this year, I just left the inside trim of the pantry the oak and off-white, so it's been looking like this for about 8 months.  Don't judge me on my food choices...
 There was actually one more shelf in the bottom section, but I removed it last year when we moved the trash can into the pantry.  Having two big dogs means your trash must be behind closed doors. So, I first had to remove the shelf supports that were left, and scrape off the leftover caulk.  Pretty, isn't it? Just where you want your food to be stored...
Starting with the trim, the shelves and their supports, I used white paint we had on hand from other trim projects and painted three coats.
 At the floor, instead of removing the trim, I just put down painters tape and gave the baseboards three coats of white as well.
Oh, and for the sake of transparency, this is what the kitchen looked like while I was doing this project...one hot mess.
 For the walls of the pantry, I used the same blue that I used on the inside of the door to the garage, Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Grey.  
 Now the pantry is a million times brighter with the contrast between the shelves and the walls. I can actually see what's in the back of the shelves now!
And, with everything back inside, we now have this upgraded pantry! 

The best part? I had all the supplies on hand, so this project was $0!!!!
 If only all of my food was in containers like this...
How about a little before and after?
Also, I plan to get a big basket for the very top shelf to put all of our paper supplies in (cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, etc)

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  1. Good Job! If you are like me............it will change over time and things just keep getting better and better!


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