Wednesday, October 23, 2013

nursery gallery wall + other decor

I mentioned last week that I made a few fence picket frames for my best friend's baby shower.  They were actually super simple to make and I got my inspiration from it's overflowing.  I just picked up a few 1x3s and a few 2x.5" boards from Home Depot and headed to my handy miter saw. I think both frames came to less than $10 total.

This is totally normal baby shower prep, right?
 These are about 16" wide tall, and a little bit wider.  To be honest, I don't remember the exact measurements, but created this around an 8x10 photo we already had.  You could make these for any size photo.
 By this time, I hadn't printed their maternity pictures, so a picture from our wedding stood in.
 Once I made sure I liked the size and spacing, I glued the horizontal boards onto the 1x3s with wood glue, and clamped them for a few hours.
 After the frame was dry, I gave it a couple coats of white paint that we had hanging around and then hot glued on a bulldog clip to hold the picture.
I loved them as baby shower decor.
Since Kat has twins, she was in and out of the hospital for a little over a month, so Matt and I tried to help out as much as possible.  We picked up a dresser from Ikea for them and put it together with their dogs...
...and Kat really wanted a gallery wall above the dresser/changing table, and luckily (as I had hoped!), she loved the fence frames and wanted them incorporated here. I was super excited to help out, so I drew up different arrangements and decided on this one (once again with our wedding pictures as stand ins).
 I found a few white frames at Walmart to take place where the black frames are and added them in, filling them with some scrapbook paper and little diy nursery prints. 
 One night, we snuck over to their house while they were still in the hospital and put the gallery up with command strips (no damage there!).
I love how the gallery wall turned out, and the best part was the text I got from her when they saw it, telling me they were really emotional and teared up when they saw it.  

It's a little silly sometimes to think of decorating as a gift, but when I can make someone else's life easier or make them smile, it definitely is. Best job in the world!

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