October 16, 2013

install a stone grill pad

Earlier this summer, I shared with you how we updated our patio and expanded it with some 16x16 stepping stones.  When we "finished", we had our grill hanging out over in the rocks under the kitchen window.
 And it stayed like this from the middle of June, all the way to this past Saturday.  We knew that we wanted to build out the stones a bit more to create a level place for our grill to live, but just hadn't gotten around to it.
Saturday morning, Matthew had to go into work for awhile, so I put this thing together in about an hour.  I started by moving the rocks to other places around our property that was a little short on rock, and lazily placed a few of the stepping stones to see how far I needed to clear out.
I recently discovered that under the weeds in this back corner of our yard is 3 feet deep of sand, so the sand was all free for this project! Wish I had known about it when we did the patio expansion itself...
 After enough of the rock was cleared out the way, I emptied buckets of sand in the place for the first stone. I discovered quickly that this was going to require a lot of sand (glad it was free!), because this area slopes down a ton from the patio.  But, after I got the first stone in and level, the others went really quick.
 One I had 4 stones in, I checked to see if I could get away with just that size, but decided it was just too small and looked funny.
 With the additional 2 stones in (for a total of 6 new stones), the grill pad was complete.
 Having this completed not only looks a million times better, but I'm fairly certain it will be so much better for actual grilling. Plus, the big grill doesn't take up any space on the actual patio!
 FYI - just like with the patio, the grass will grow up into the exposed sand and won't look so funny.
Only a few more projects to complete before winter weather hits, which will probably be in the next few weeks, so look out for more outdoor projects coming!

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  1. Anonymous5:42 AM

    isn't that gas grill set just a "little" to close to the siding?


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