October 1, 2013

hang laundry baskets on hooks

I've seen a ton of great ideas out there for laundry basket organization in the wonderful world of Pinterest, such as these:
As much as I love these photos, I just don't have the room for six laundry baskets, and I rely on the current height of my washer and dryer for folding.  So, I came up with an alternative option to fit into our space. We have a small nook with counter space that we added a utility sink and backsplash to in the past year, and the space was just perfect for a couple baskets.

After a long time of trying to determine the best way to hang these baskets, I decided to go with a few $2 hooks from Home Depot.  First I took some tape and measured how much space I needed between the hooks.  Then, I centered the tape on the wall and placed the hooks on either side. 
I used drywall anchors to make sure my hooks would stay in place since I didn't have any studs in the right spots. I checked to make sure my basket was exactly where I wanted it and then moved on to basket #2.
Up went the baskets, one for whites and one for darks.
 I love these baskets! They have made life just a little bit easier and filled a space that seemed awkwardly empty.
 Plus, because of the nook, you can barely see the baskets from the hallway.

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