Thursday, October 10, 2013

grey & yellow baby shower

Back in July, I got the opportunity to help throw a baby shower for my friend Kat.  I've mentioned her a few times on the blog in the last few years.  She did my hair and makeup for my wedding, and she's quickly become a huge part of my life.  When she and her husband announced they were pregnant we were super excited, but we were absolutely thrilled for them when they told us they were pregnant with twins.  
So, a couple of her other friends and I put our heads together and threw her a big shower.  The first problem to solve was where to have the shower.  See, Kat is a minister's wife so her guest list was over 60 people, so we needed a place to accommodate everyone.  Luckily, because she's a minister's wife, we got to have the shower right at our church. 
 I'm aware that this room is not the prettiest, but we tried our best to make it look cute! I even brought in my green console table and window to add some character to the space.
 I was in charge of a lot of the decorations, including the fabric streamers on the tables. They were super easy to make! I just picked up cotton quilting fabric, cut it into ~1" pieces and tied them onto twine.
 I also made two picture frames that look like fences to feature a few of their maternity pictures.  I'll share more about how I made them next week!
For centerpieces, I picked up these simple vases from the dollar store and wrapped a couple pieces of ribbon around them, securing with hot glue.  Then, I plopped in a $5 bouquet from the grocery store, and I was done!
 Kat's friend Jessica actually re-upholstered this chair for the event! Doesn't it look awesome with this table!?
 And here is Kat opening her gifts (they are big-time Cubs fans)!  We were so busy having fun and enjoying everyone's company at the shower that we didn't take very many pictures!
 Here we are (the hosts) with the Mom-To-Be!
Overall, it was a wonderful day, and I had so much fun making decorations!  A big thanks to all the special ladies that helped us celebrate and shower this friend of ours!!

Kat had their twins about 7-8 weeks early, but they are now home and healthy and doing so well! They are great parents and we love their little kiddos so much!

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