Wednesday, July 24, 2013

one very happy door

I just finished up this project that absolutely makes my day, every time I see it!  Like most homes, we had this plain jane, off white, shows-every-speck-of-dirt, steel door to our garage. Plus, when we updated the wall and trim paint, it made the door look worse.
And when you're in the kitchen, the view wasn't wonderful.
So, I picked up a quart of Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Grey (color-matched to Behr paint from Home Depot), and a foam roller to give this door a facelift. P.S. A quart is way too much paint..I probably could have gotten two of the small samples and saved a few bucks, but oh well!

I started off by removing the hardware, sanding it and had Matt give it a few quick sprays with some bronze spray paint so it would match the others in the hallway.  He's now the official spray painter in the house, because I always get drips, and he always does it so perfectly. Then I started painting with a very small foam roller that I actually picked up in a 2-pack from Dollar Tree a few months ago.
I painted quickly before the paint started to dry, so that you couldn't see where I started and stopped.  It's pretty ugly after the first coat.
I let this coat dry for an hour or so, and then applied the second coat...much better!
Once the door knob and deadbolt were dry, we put those back on, and then I hand-painted the hinges since I really didn't want to remove the door.  You can check out how to do this here and here.
It's just a happy little pop of color in our mostly-neutral house.
And here are a few before and afters:

There you have it! About $14 and a few hours later, and our hallway is complete!


  1. These colorful doors are really adorable. I will also do the same with my apartments doors. Nice idea.

  2. This is the perfect shade. It looks great!


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