Wednesday, May 8, 2013

new york in the spring - day 2

At 5am, I woke up feeling so much better (Thank you, NyQuil), and was ready to get going for the day. It has long been our dream to go to a taping of Live with Kelly and Michael (well, it was Regis before...) but we weren't chosen for tickets.  But, there is always the chance of getting tickets in the standby line, so we got ready and left our hotel at about 6:10. We walked outside and got in our very first NYC Taxi and drove up to 67th and Columbus.

When we got out at ABC studios, we were so excited to see that no one else was there for the standby line yet.  Very soon, a nice man from the studio came outside to let us know that they weren't taping that day, but they did a double taping the day before.  We were bummed, but we didn't let it get us down.  Here's the studio, and the plaque they gave Regis a few years ago.
It was actually really neat to be out and about in the Upper West Side at 6:30 in the morning.  There were very few people out, and it was just beautiful and peaceful.  We walked around a bit and made our way to the Met.
I didn't know that Juliard was right next to the Met, and it was not what I expected Juliard to look like.
Central Park was absolutely beautiful and we walked a ton of it.
 How neat is this playground?
 Had to take selfies because there were so few people in the park, no one was around to take our picture!
The Mall.
 These old benches were really neat.
 The Bethesda Terrace was gorgeous. I mean check out the ceiling tiles...in a park!

Ground Tile.
 The boathouse.
 Belvedere Castle
Strawberry Fields - to honor John Lennon who was killed at his apartment across the street.
 Next time, I've got to go to the Museum of Natural History!
As we made our way back to find a taxi, I was in awe of the beautiful homes.  This is what I think of when I dream of living in NYC.
 We got a taxi back to the hotel and took a break before heading down to the financial district.  That first subway ride was the first subway my Mom had been on!  First stop off the subway was obviously Tiffany's. This store is gorgeous inside, and the people were so friendly.
We had 1pm visitor passes to the 9/11 Memorial, so we quickly made our way over there.

In the security area of the memorial, they have all these pictures of other countries right after 9/11 and how they showed their support for us.  This was probably my favorite part.
 This is the survivor tree.  It survived 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.
 We made our way back to Wall Street to see the Federal Building and the Stock Exchange.
 I just love these streets.
 When we got here, I asked Mom "Is this where they put you in cement?".  Of course, being my Mom, she knew exactly what I meant and said "Yes!". 
East River.
 The Brooklyn Bridge.
 After our tour of the Financial district, we hopped on another subway up to Washington Square Park and Greenwich Village.

And for those of you who follow me on Instagram (erinacolburn), you may have seen this photo I took at the Friends' apartment building.
It's smaller than I imagined it, and it's on this quiet little street in Greenwich Village.  Super cute, though!
 We took the subway back to our hotel in Midtown and grabbed a quick dinner before our NBC Studio tour at 8:15. The tour was a ton of fun! We got to see Dr. Oz's studio, Jimmy Fallon's studio, and even the SNL studio.  And the NBC Experience store was awesome! You could buy Bayside High Sweatshirts (Saved by the Bell)!! 
We took some pictures of Rockefeller center before we went back to the hotel and crashed for the night.
 We determined that we walked at least 13 miles on Day 2, and boy was I feeling it.

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