Tuesday, May 7, 2013

new york in the spring - day 1

For about eight years, my Mom and I have dreamed about going to NYC together.  We both love the city...I was there for a day in 2008 and she hadn't been there in 22 years.  And, I knew that I wanted to go on this trip with her before we ventured into the world of kiddos and our life gets even crazier.  I'm not pregnant, but I had these visions of waddling around Central Park with mom, just so we could go together before I had kids. Everything worked out well for this spring, timing wise, so a few months ago, we booked our tickets for this 3-day trip.  We took our first red eye, leaving at 12:48am on Thursday morning, and arriving at JFK at 6:30am.
I will do my best to not complain about it too much in this post, but I was S-I-C-K for this trip, and it was at its worst on the flight and the whole first day. Basically, between the flight, sleep deprivation, and then a 2-hour shuttle ride, I was not in great shape, and most of Thursday is pretty fuzzy. Luckily, we took pictures!  We stayed at a hotel just a few blocks from Macy's and that was the logical first stop for us, being the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade fans that we are.
There were tulips everywhere in the city

Oh...and I love pigeons.
We walked around for a few hours, making our way over to Madison Square Park which is right next to the Flatiron building.  

And the Flatiron building is just awesome.

One thing that really surprised us was just how friendly everyone is in New York.  Sure, they're busy and hustle through the streets, but they were always friendly and nice.  One man saw me taking the picture of Mom above, and asked if we wanted a picture together.

When you turn around from looking at the Flatiron building, you've got the Empire State Building.

From there, we headed north and walked along sixth avenue, just taking it all in.  We eventually made our way to Radio City Music Hall.

We headed south to make our way back to the hotel and get some lunch.  We knew that we wanted to get food from a street vendor at some point, and these gyros looked good! And let me tell you, they were amazing.  Easily the best gyro I've ever had.
We were able to check-in to the hotel around 1:30, and both took naps, which helped a bit! I know that you'll hate the next thing I tell you, but we went to dinner at Red Lobster in Times Square.  Lame, I know, but it was delicious, and since I wasn't feeling well, I needed food that I knew would help!  It was super excellent, and we even took dessert back to our room.  I was absolutely exhausted after the first day, so I went to sleep around 8:30 to get set for Day 2.

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