Wednesday, April 3, 2013

scrapbook paper art

Don't you love when you have a small thought to place something somewhere in your home, and it ends up being the missing piece of the puzzle that you had no idea how to solve? 

Does that make sense?  Let me explain how this just happened to me in our home.  Back in February when we switched out an old cabinet in our kitchen for some open shelving, we were left with this look:
 I loved the open shelves, but something was off...missing...just wrong, and not quite finished.  And quite frankly, it was so blah, that it had me doubting the shelves altogether.  Don't get me wrong, the function of these shelves is absolutely incredible, but aesthetically, they were really bothering me.
So, last week I thought "I'm going to try and fix this blah-shelf situation", and started moving things around to see what would be better.  I tried a bunch of different things: moving the dishes around so they were less symmetrical, adding different accessories to add some color, etc.  Finally, I came to this:
This basket, that I picked up on clearance at Target a number of years ago, added some much-needed texture in this space.  Then, for some reason, I decided to give these two frames a try.  We picked these up at Target a couple weeks ago, with every intention of using them in the updated half bath that we're still working on.  They were actually on clearance for $9 each, which is a great price for these 12x16 frames.
I liked the height they gave to the space, and some color/pattern was definitely helping, but neither of the original prints in the frames were working.  So I grabbed a ton of scrapbook paper from my craft closet and starting searching for the perfect fit.  I found this mint green print.
I removed the original prints and taped down these papers for a quick art piece.
I must say, everytime I walk in this room now, I smile.  This art adds just enough color, just enough pattern, and just enough height to complete these shelves.  And, combined with additional texture from my plant and basket, it's a perfect look. 
 Here are a few more close-ups for ya...
 The kitchen just has a better feel now, and it's really coming together.
 Now, if we could only get to updating those counters!
I have shared this project at: House of Hepworths

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