Saturday, April 6, 2013

diy bow pillow - hgtv home fabrics

I've recently been given the opportunity to review the new HGTV fabric line at Jo-Ann.  They sent me some of their new line, and the first thing I made was this bow pillow.  
This fabric is not something I would typically pick out myself, but I really like it.  I usually go for blues and greens, so getting some pink/purple colors in the house is nice.  The fabric is called Checked Past Berry and it is 58% cotton, 42% linen.  It's thick enough to make a sturdy pillow, but still soft, which I really like.
The supplies you'll need to make this pillow are:

1/2 yard Fabric
Coordinating Thread
Stuffing/Pillow Insert
Sewing Machine
Pins & Scissors

Great News, by the way! The folks at Jo-Ann have given me a coupon to pass along to my readers for 10% off your total purchase of their HGTV Fabrics and Trims!  
I just used stuffing to fill my pillow, so I didn't need to fit a specific pillow insert.  If you are using a pillow insert, you may need to adjust your measurements to fit that form.  I started by cutting two pieces for the body of the pillow, both 18" x 14".
Then, cut one piece to 19" x 9".  This will be the main part of your bow.  
Iron about a half inch down on each long side, pin and sew down the edges.
For the knot of the bow, cut a piece to 6" x 7", and fold it in half to mark the center.
 Unfold and then fold each long edge to the center line and press.
 On the flip side, stitch as close to the edge as you can.
Then, fold this piece in half, right sides together, and sew the bottom edges together and cut off the excess.  Flip right side out and you have your bow knot.
 Scrunch up one end of the main piece of your bow and slide the knot on.
I prefer the asymmetrical look for this bow, but you could also center it for a symmetrical bow.
Place the bow on one of your body pieces, and pin down in place, keeping clear of the edges where you will sew the body pieces together.  The bow should be a bit longer than the body pieces.
Take your other body piece and place on top of the bow, right sides together, and pin.
 Be sure to leave 3-4 inches open at the bottom of the pillow to turn it right side out.  I like to place two pins in a different fashion than the rest of the pins, to mark where I need to start and stop.
Stitch these pieces together, there is about 1/2 inch seam allowance for these pieces.  Flip right side out, and notice that your bow is loose from the body.
Starting from the inside, I just hand-stitched to tack down the knot to the body.
Finally, stuff with either your stuffing or pillow insert and hand-stitch the bottom closed.  Pretty simple, right? And it takes less than an hour to complete.
 Love this vibrant print.
I'm planning on making a few other projects from the fabric they sent me, and I can't wait to share them with you!  Happy Weekend, everybody!


  1. I got the same fabric! I was just "googling" trying to find who else got some of the new HGTV fabric and to see what they were doing with it and I happened upon your cute pillow! Love the bow. :) Here's what I did with mine, if you're interested. I used it with the coordinating fabric, but I have plenty of the berry left for.... a pillow perhaps? :)

    1. Very nice! I got the same coordinating fabric, just trying to figure out what to do with it, still!


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