Tuesday, April 16, 2013

diy living room curtains...and some other updates

Our living room has been slowly becoming my favorite room in our house, and I finally got around to making some curtains for this space.  These curtains are really just to add some interest and draw the eye up in this space, vs. provide privacy or block light.  We have just two narrow, but tall, windows in this room.
We found an amazing deal on a new leather club chair for this window, so I knew that I wanted something with some color and pattern, since the rest of the room is pretty neutral.  So, I decided to keep up with the chevron theme, and picked up three yards of this yellow duck cloth from Hobby Lobby. 
This fabric is regularly $9/yard, but I had a 40% coupon, so these curtains only cost us about $16 for both panels!

Luckily, because our windows are so narrow, and we just wanted these more for aesthetic purposes than function, I only needed to get this much fabric.  I just cut the fabric along the seam and had two 9' pieces.  Also, since we didn't want to block much light, we didn't line these at all, but it would be really simple to add a layer of fabric on the back, and hem over the top.
 The first step was to sew the edges, so I folded each side over by about 3/8" and pinned.  Then, I ran them through my sewing machine.
 I also added loops on the back so that I wouldn't have to use (or buy) clips.  I just don't love the look of the clips that I have on my curtains in the office.  Using extra fabric I already had, I cut 5 strips (per panel) that were about 1.5" x 4".  They don't have to be perfect since you'll fold them over and they won't be seen.
Then, fold down the top few inches of your curtain panel, and pin, making sure that your pattern is level.  
To attach the loops, fold one side over about 1/4" and pin to just the one side of the curtain panel that you just folded over a few inches.  This way, you won't have a bunch of stitches on the outside of your panel, where you attached the loops.
Do the same on the other side of the loop, and attach all loops this way.

The spacing of your loops is really up to you, but mine are about 5-6" apart.
 Now, sew the loops to your panel, making sure to only sew to the one side of the fold, not to the main part of the panel.
 Once you have all of your loops sewn on, stitch the fold down. I chose to sew my fold down right about the bottom edge of my loops.
Now, it's time to hang your curtains.  I have to admit that we do not currently own a ladder, so this is what I had to do to hang these 9' curtains...DO NOT TRY AT HOME. 
 I put the curtains up, and then pinned them for a hem.  I ran this through my machine really quick and was all done!
 Unfortunately, due to the minimal light in this space, and my lack of photography mastery, these pictures are not great.  I wish I could truly show you how they look in real life, but this is the best I could get:
I love these curtains, because they just add some interest and balance to the room, as well as dress up very boring walls/windows.
 P.S. How much do you love this chair?  Home Depot was having a "Back to Black Friday" sale last week, and we picked up this guy for $100 (Regular $279).  It's a beautiful leather chair, that we are absolutely loving.  It's the perfect reading corner.
 And, do you see that adorable garden stool next to it?
If you look online, most pieces like this are $150-$200, with the very cheapest I've found being $90 (which wasn't cute at all!).  I was strolling through Marshalls the other day, and found this one for only $40! The texture and color is so unique, and I absolutely love it! Plus the size is perfect in this space, where a full table would be too much.

 Here a few more shots...

 This room has come a super long way since we moved in, and it truly is our oasis from the world.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

half bath reveal

If you've been following along, you may be asking yourself "how has Erin not finished that half bath yet?"  Well, the reason is because I was waiting to get it 100% with accessories, so the big reveal would be complete.
Let's go back to where we started, shall we?  When we moved in, we had your typical builder-grade bathroom: terrible dirty floors, off-white walls, builder grade oak vanity, blah light fixture, and the most boring mirror ever.
Ok, honestly, this room wasn't an ugly room, by any means.  It was just there. Nothing special about it. So, back in January, I updated the vanity with gel stain and new hardware.
Then, the room sat like that until the beginning of March, when I painted the trim and door white, and updated the floor with grouted, vinyl tiles for only $25!
The following weekend, we decided to paint the top half of the room a deep blue, and add beadboard to bring some character to this space.
Since we were updating everything else, we also decided to replace and frame out the mirror, as well as add a new light fixture.
After this was complete, I spent a few weeks looking for accessories.  

So without further ado, our new 1/2 bath...
On a whim, I decided to stop in Marshalls one evening, and found this chevron rug for only $8!  Since then, Marshalls has actually become one of my favorite stores...which you will find more about very soon...
 I just love the contrast between the bright white beadboard and the deep, dark vanity.
 Remember the frames I showed you on the kitchen shelves?  This is the third one.  It was only $9, and this is actually the art that came with it.  Not something we would go with typically, but it works really well, and adds a pop of some contrasting colors.
We already had this basket in our bathroom upstairs, but I like it much more here with tissues and an extra roll of toilet paper.  There's more t.p. under the sink, but I think guests like to not have to look for it. This basket was a gift from my Aunt and Uncle.
 We also spray painted our existing towel bar, but I'm not sure that I really like it.  Might need to get something a little more chunky, and a little more brushed nickel.  I picked up the soap dispenser from Target for about $10.
Are you ready for some before and afters?

So, how much did this whole makeover cost?  Here's a quick breakdown:

Updating Vanity with Gel Stain + Hardware - $5 (we used what we had left from the kitchen project)
Grouted, Vinyl Flooring - $25
Paint, Beadboard and Trim - $75
Mirror - $17
Light Fixture - $25
Accessories - $27

Total = $174!

Woo! Not bad for a full overhaul of the room!  

P.S. Sometimes, I have to just gaze at this room from the hall/laundry room...I just love it!
Sharing this project at House of Hepworths.
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