Tuesday, March 26, 2013

framing a mirror & updating a light fixture

If you've been following the last week or so, I have been sharing the updates to our half bath.  We started with the vanity makeover and updating the floor, then we painted the trim and door white, and added beadboard.
The last piece before accessorizing is updating the mirror and light fixture.  We started off with this big builder mirror, and knew that we would need to downsize to make the beadboard and trim work, and look nice.
I was at the Restore, and saw this big mirror for about $15.  I didn't especially love the frame for our bathroom, but knew that I could pull the actual mirror out of this and then frame it right on the wall.  Plus, I wouldn't be able to get just the mirror at any other store for less than $15!
Then, we removed the old mirror which was just held up by clips and not glue (thank goodness)!
 The bottom clips were still in a good spot, so we just moved the top clips in a little bit, and put this mirror up in place.  This took us just about 5 minutes.
I also picked up some 1" x 3" x 6' MDF boards from Home Depot for the new frame.  The best part was these boards were on clearance for only $1 each! I used a miter box and made my 45 degree cuts and then glued my frame together.  I taped it together while everything dried and let it sit for about 18 hours.
 Like so many other mirror framing tutorials, I cut out space where my clips were so that they would not been seen when I hung my frame.
 Then, making sure (and double checking!!) that everything was level and centered, I glued my frame to the mirror using this Loctite adhesive, made especially for mirrors.
 I let that dry overnight, and woke up to this beauty! I caulked all the gaps and did a coat of white paint to finish it up.
You also see the old light fixture here, which I didn't care for.  Not terrible, but certainly not my taste.  On one of our other Home Depot trips, we spotted this fixture for just $25!!

The first step was the most important: Turn off the electrical to the bathroom!  Then, I removed the old fixture, and touched up the paint where this old fixture was.
 After the paint was dry, I installed the new fixture.  This was the first light fixture I had ever installed by myself, and it was really very simple. The directions in the booklet were easy to follow.  
Voila!  Coming up very soon will be the full reveal with accessories and art!

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  1. Great job!! We put the same fixture in our main floor bath, but in Oil Rubbed Bronze!


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