Friday, February 15, 2013

the kitchen of our dreams - open shelving

So, just to recap where we started in the kitchen, we moved in to this builder-grade land of oak.  I had also removed cabinet doors to give an open shelving feel.
Then, last month I used gel stain to completely transform the cabinets, and we added hardware.  But, we left one of the cabinets as is so could take it down and add open shelving.
A few weekends ago, we picked up the supplies and some paint as well, to add some warmth to this room.  Here I am prepping to paint, with the cabinet down.
For the shelves themselves, we actually used solid pine stair treads at $10 each and gel stained them (I'm on quart #2 now!).
We also picked up three 2-packs of these brackets.  They were also about $10 each.

The installing of the shelves was actually done 100% by Matt, so he filled me in on the process.  He measured out the space and marked the center to place the brackets.  Unfortunately, because of where the studs are in our wall, he was only able to put one of the three brackets per shelf, in a stud.  For the other two brackets per shelf, he used these Toggle Straps with Screws.  He had never used them before, but said they were really easy to use.  Plus, they have a weight capacity of 80 lbs.

Once you attach the brackets to the wall, you can attach the shelves to the brackets.  Make sure you are checking that everything is level before screwing them altogether.

This project took a few hours, but we love the end result.  Also notice the beige color on the wall.  It's nothing too special, but goes well with the cabinets and our now-white baseboards and door frames!
I love how the brackets go with the new cabinet hardware.
I am thinking we need to add some pops of color on the shelves, and maybe some type of art/sign above them.  Any thoughts/recommendations?
P.S. Speaking of pops of color, how awesome do the towel and tea kettle look in the kitchen now?!? My Aunt and Uncle got this kettle for me for Christmas and I lu-ove it!
We have plans to eventually update the counters, backsplash, flooring and appliances, but we're not sure when any of those things will happen yet!

Update: I added some art to the shelves, so the kitchen is looking a bit better now: 


  1. The shelves look AMAZING!! I agree some artwork above that top shelf or another shelf is needed to balance it out with the rest of the kitchen.

    We are planning on pulling all of our uppers out and replacing them with some open shelving but just leaving it open. We don't use the uppers and have a tiny kitchen. Most of our glasses, plates and the like are housed in the wet bar in the dining room where we do all of our eating, so no need for them in the kitchen for us.

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  3. Maybe something or a series of something much taller on the top shelf would help. Vase/s or a plant? Looks beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing this on YHL. Our kitchen is very similar to yours and your final design is how I want ours to look. Can't wait to get started.

    1. Thank you for checking it out! We are planning to reconfigure the layout soon and update the counters and flooring, as well, so stay tuned!

    2. http://thedomesticlady.com/2014/05/27/home-improvement-our-kitchen-makeover-complete-mostly/ Thanks again for the inspiration!

  5. I stumbled upon your blog through YHL:) Your kitchen makeover is looking great!

    What about a window treatment in a color/pattern to complement your new art and bar-stool cushions? It could be a simple Roman shade or something along those lines, but would add some color and 'soften' that wall a bit.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, I actually plan to do that in the future, but I've just fallen behind on actually getting it done!

  6. Cabinets look great. Refreshing to see anyone not jumping on the *let's paint everything in sight white* YHL bandwagon - although you did mention you painted the trim white. I was looking at the oak baseboard at the edge of one pic and thinking it was a pity you didn't stain the trim for an even flow. The open shelving came out nice (that really is a fabulous stain) but open storage is definitely a YHL-inspired trendy thing that no one will want in their kitchen in a few years, just like oak, chevron, stripes, ikat, Moroccan-inspired stencils, and animal themes are glutted and outdated now. I would've stained and saved the removed cabinet to put it back when it came time to sell the house. Most people want kitchen storage behind closed doors.

    1. We did save the extra cabinet and it's sitting in our basement stained and ready to go for the next homeowner/us in the future if we don't want the open shelving.

  7. Gorgeous! Loving the changes. We're in the process of giving our kitchen a makeover (templates made for new counters this morning - squee!!) so I'm having fun exploring the web for ideas. Consider me a new follower. :)

  8. You are one talented gal!


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