Monday, February 11, 2013

clearance backsplash

A bit of advice I can give you about diy decorating is don't get too stuck on specifics of what you will do, and take your time on it. The reason I say this is because if you have a general idea of what you like and see for a space, keep an open mind, and then keep your eyes open, you can score some really great deals.

The back splash that we just installed in the laundry room is a perfect example of how this has worked well for us.  The hubs and I go to Home Depot probably 1-2 times a week, and are always keeping our eyes open for those yellow clearance tags, and a few weeks ago we spotted these guys.
The moment we saw it, we knew the colors would go great with the light, airy green paint on the laundry room walls.  And what did the yellow sticker next to it say, you ask? $1.43 per 12x12 sheet, my friends!  We knew that we want a shorter back splash than this, so we picked up 3 sheets of tile, and a small box of white, non-sanded grout for $5.50, bringing our total to less than $10!
I really don't like having to cut little tiles that rarely come out perfect, so I decided to cut these sheets up into strips so the individual tiles aren't staggered, but line up.  It was really easy to do this with a utility knife on top of a piece of cardboard.
Instead of using mortar to adhere our tile to the wall, we used this amazing product called SimpleMat.  It's literally just sheets that stick to the wall and then your tile sticks to it.  It's incredible, and we actually had some left over from the fireplace makeover we did back in October.
Once all of your sheets are up on the wall, you can start placing your tile.  You should always use tile spaces on any tiling project, but especially since I cut my tiles into strips, they were very helpful!
 Here it is all up and ready for grout.
Matt took care of the grouting, and now we have this lovely back splash.
P.S. I forgot to share that Matt and his Dad installed this utility sink and faucet while his folks were here for Christmas.  It has been so nice to have, and we are so thankful for his Dad's help!

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  1. This looks great! It always looks better when you get it on clearance too!! My hub and
    I go th HD several times a week also, so I understand the feeling when you see that yellow tag and it works for you!!

    Great job!

    ~ Darlene
    Facebook = My Honey Bunch

  2. I didnt know about that sticky stuff for tile! Super good tip, thank you!


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