Monday, January 7, 2013

making this house our home

Since Friday was our 1 year anniversary owning this house, I thought I would go through and show you what we have finished in the past year, and what we have planned for the future.

First, we'll start outside, with the front of our house.  We really haven't done much out here, but we have some plans.
  • We're going to cut back the bush in front of the porch (any tips on this?), and if it grows back nicely, we'll keep it.  If not, in the spring, we'll dig the whole thing out and replace it with something better. 
  • Spray paint the street numbers bronze
  • Trim back the crab apple on the left
  • Landscape in general - maybe get rid of all the rock?
  • Add shutters to the top window
  • In the next few years, we also plan to paint the outside of the house

The front porch got some new digs, including the bench I made a few months ago, and some chairs.
  • New coat of paint - it's chipping a lot and doesn't look great
  • Buy/Make a table for between these chairs
  • Add a peep hole in the front door - already purchased, just need to install
  • Spray paint the door hardware bronze
  • We found a front door at Home Depot that we absolutely love, but it will probably be a few years before we can replace the one we currently have.  Perhaps when we paint the exterior?

In the front entry, we have painted the trim white and the walls grey, and added a bookshelf that may or may not be here permanently. Note: Please excuse the Christmas decorations, I took them down over the weekend, but these are my most recent pictures!
  • Paint Inside the coat closet
  • Paint/stain back of the front door
  • Stain the step that goes down into the living room

The living room has probably come farther than any other room in the house.  We built the barn door over the fireplace, painted and re-tiled the fireplace, and painted the walls and trim
  • Frame out windows
  • Add Curtains
  • Add Shelves in the hole behind the barn door
  • Build/Buy a Coffee Table
  • Figure out the furniture in this space, in general.  We aren't sure about what exactly we want, and where we want it.  This will definitely take time.

The Dining Room has pretty much stayed the same, except that we received a new dining set, and painted the walls and trim 3 days before Thanksgiving. 
  • Frame out window
  • Frame out door frames
  • Add curtains/window treatment
  • Add dimmer to light fixture
  • Update the light fixture with something more modern?
  • Add different art that works better with the space
  • Buy a rug for under the table and chairs

The hallway to the basement, garage, laundry room, and 1/2 bath has only received a small bit of attention when we added the gallery of frames.
  • Paint walls
  • Paint doors and trim
  • Add more photos to gallery
  • Frame out doorway to dining room
  • Spray paint door hardware

The garage got organized pretty well during the 15 days series I did in November, but since then we have accumulated more tools, including a miter saw. 
  • Paint this side of door, to inside
  • Add door stop - already purchased, just need to install
  • Build a bench for the miter saw
  • Buy/Build better shelving
  • Add a peg board
  • Add suspended tennis balls to assist us when parking our cars in the garage

Heading back inside, the laundry room has come a long way since we moved in. We updated the cabinets, painted the walls, and installed a hanging bar and utility sink.
  • Frame out window
  • Add shelves above sink for laundry baskets
  • Add something above the drop-zone?
  • Dog Food storage solution
  • Someday, we hope to update the flooring in the house, but until we actually decide what we want, it's linoleum for us.

In the 1/2 bath, we have done nothing.  We have some ideas for the space, but nothing concrete yet.
  • Come up with a design plan
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Update vanity (This Week!!)
  • Add hardware to vanity
  • Frame out mirror
  • Replace Light Fixture?
  • Add artwork 
  • Update Toilet - ours are all early low flows from 12 years ago, so they clog almost every time we use the bathroom.
  • We would also love to update the counter and flooring in this room in the future

Our kitchen has great space, but we haven't done much to it yet.  I took a few doors off a cabinet to make some open shelving, but other than that, it's a blank slate.
  • Update Cabinets (Probably starting next week!!)
  • Paint Walls and Trim
  • Add Hardware to cabinets
  • Add drawers in pantry
  • Add additional outlet to island
  • Frame out window
  • Window Treatment
  • Backsplash
  • Floating shelves instead of open cabinet
  • New Light fixture above island
  • Add additional storage on wall opposite the cabinets
  • New cornice around the vertical blinds
  • Frame doorway(s)
  • Like the other rooms, we hope to update the counters, flooring and also the appliances one day

My office is pretty complete, for now. With the painting I did, and the desk I built, this room has really come together.  I have just a few things I want to accomplish in this room.
  • Finish painting french doors
  • Find a chair for the second desk
  • New/Update Office Chair 
  • Fix curtains - they hang funny on the rings, so I'm hoping to get these looking better soon!
  • Frame window
  • Patch wall where NYC picture used to be

Heading up the stairs, we continued with the grey paint, but that's about it at this point.
  • Stain banister and rail
  • Add art to walls

Our Master Bedroom really came together over the summer when we gave it a makeover.
  • Possibly add a leaning mirror next to the dresser
  • Add art on the wall next to the bed
  • Frame Window
  • Hem the curtains on the left...I only got one set done, initially

The master bathroom received a quick coat of paint when we first moved in, but we hope to give it some finishing touches.
  • Update Vanity
  • Add Hardware
  • Frame Window
  • Add more storage?
  • Frame out mirror
  • Update toilet
  • Add art/something on the walls
  • Get a toilet paper holder near the toilet
  • In the future: update counter and flooring

The guest bathroom is completely up in the air, because we have no idea what we want to do with it!
  • Come up with a design plan
  • Paint walls and trim
  • Frame out window
  • Window treatment
  • Frame out mirror
  • Update toilet
  • Update vanity
  • Add hardware to vanity
  • Update light fixture?
  • Add artwork
  • Update decor, including shower curtain
  • In the future: update flooring and counter

We also plan to turn the music/spare room into a guest room, and turn the guest room into a nursery when that day comes.  And no, Dad, I'm not pregnant.  So, until that day comes, those rooms will pretty much stay as they are.  It's quite a list, and I'm sure it will continue to grow, but we have loved the last year of diy'ing this house, and will continue on.

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