Wednesday, January 9, 2013

installing a door stop

This has been something that we have needed to do for months, and finally got around to doing it! 
It had been a hassle bringing groceries and other things in for awhile, since our door closes automatically, and this was the solution I came up with prior to this install.
It wasn't very safe, and definitely didn't look great, so I installed a door stop in just 4 simple steps, and in less than 5 minutes.  Here's the one we picked up at Lowe's for $5.
Step 1 - Place Door Stop
Make sure that your door stop won't get in the way of the door frame, and that it will actually stop the door.
P.S. Do you see how dirty this door is?! Ick!

Step 2 - Mark for Holes
Now that your stop is in place, take a pen, and mark where each hole needs to be.

Step 3 - Make Holes
If this was a wooden door, I would have just drilled straight into it, but since this door is metal, I created the small hole by hammering a nail into the spots I marked.  This may not be necessary, but I really didn't want to destroy the door, and it worked well for me!

Step 4 - Attach Door Stop
Just simply screw the stop into the holes you just made.
And, here's the view from the garage.
$5 and 5 minutes is going to make a huge difference for us! Have a great day!

P.S. I started a cabinet makeover that I am super excited for, and will be posting about it very soon!

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