December 7, 2012

updating old cabinets

Yesterday, I shared how our laundry room makeover is coming along, which included giving the cabinets a much needed makeover.  Here's what they looked like when I started:
So, one day I decided to see if I could beautify these babies without spending any money.  I discovered that if you remove the oak trim pieces on these doors, that they still fit on the cabinet, but there are just slightly wider gaps between them. I removed the doors, wedged a flat-head screw driver under the trim piece, and with a hammer, forced the two apart.
You will end up with an edge that looks like this.  I also flipped the doors, so that this not-so-pretty edge would be face-down (ie. the door that was on the left is now on the right, but flipped upside down).
I also removed these top two pieces and took off the top trim. Notice that we have counters that are laminate sheets and our cabinet goes all the way up, so I had to tape this off.
 To paint, I just used extra white paint we have around for all the trim we have been updating, and tried two methods.  I started by using a regular paint brush on this cabinet, but that left brush stroke marks and didn't look great.
So, on the other cabinet, I tried painting with a foam brush instead, and this produced much better results! It allows you to apply the paint without any brush strokes showing.

For the doors, since they are laminate, I scuffed them up a bit with a sanding block and then painted about 4-5 coats with a foam brush. 
To re-attach the top trim pieces of  the other cabinet, Matt made a hole from outside the cabinet, and then I actually had to crawl inside to screw the board while he held it on the outside. It was fun. :)

So, with some leftover paint, and a few hours of time, I gave these cabinets a whole new look, and I absolutely love them!  Paired with the light green on the walls, they give this room a fresh, clean look.
Really need to get that sink installed...
Update: The hubby cut the hole for the sink, so now we just have to actually do the plumbing!

So who wants some before and afters? I know I do!!


  1. It looks so fresh and clean! Can't go wrong with bright, crisp white. :) Love how you took off that nasty trim; it made the cabinets much more modern and streamlined.

    Newest follower! :) Would love for you to follow back @toddlindsey.com

    1. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for stopping by, and for following! I just followed you back!


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