Friday, December 14, 2012

outdoor christmas lights

Yesterday when I made my Christmas card holder, I told you that I had burlap leftover from another project...and that was this little tree that we have outside on our front porch.  I found inspiration for this tree on pinterest and put it together myself.  This 3 foot lighted tree was on sale at Hobby Lobby for $15, and I found this absolutely perfect pot at the Restore for $1!  Pair it with some $5 burlap, and we've got a cute little rustic tree.
Every year, we have a fresh wreath on our front door. 
 Then, on top of the bench, we have an Ikea lantern with a cinnamon stick candle inside surrounded by "snow".  The "snow" is actually epsom salt, and looks perfect as snow!
 Next to the bench, I've got a cute little wooden box with some garland, and mason jars with candles in them. Simple, but festive.
P.S I don't even want to talk about that rug...we need a new one, but this is what I have for the moment...
 I hope to do more in coming years, but this is our Christmas Porch 2012.
For the lights, we chose to keep it classic with white icicle lights.  I was so relieved when we found warm led lights, because I find so many of them look very glary, and not very pretty.  Here are some shots at night:
We also plan to put lights on the top eve next year, but we're taking baby steps.  I wrapped garland around the porch rail, and you can see our 8' tree from outside as well! I love all the beautiful white lights.
 And there's my cute little tree again.
Hanging the lights themselves was a bit of an ordeal.  First off, I was really impatient the weekend after Thanksgiving, and practically forced Matt to hang them, despite his not feeling great. Strike number 1...that's just mean. Sorry honey!! 

We had picked up some of those all-purpose clips to hang them, and it just looked a bit strange. And, the extension cord that we were using kept blowing around and becoming visible, so (even though Matt told me not to), I thought to myself, I can just push this cord behind the downspout with a rake and all will be fixed.  Yea, I should I have listened...about half of the lights fell off the house...Strike 2!  I am lucky to have such a gracious husband who doesn't get mad at me when I make silly mistakes that he told me not to make in the first place. I Love that man!

Then, I was over at my folk's house when they were putting up their lights, they showed me that they have cup hooks on their house (that I had never noticed before, even in my 6 years of living there!), that make putting their lights up every year, a breeze! So, a few Sundays ago, we grabbed the ladder and started putting cup hooks into our house and taking down the silly all-purpose hooks.  The best thing about this is that we have this little lip on our house, so the hooks aren't even visible!
I highly recommend using cup hooks; they made life so much easier!
 However, I do have to remove all the staples left by the previous owners, when we take these down...
It's so nice to have our outdoor lights and decorations done; now if I could just finish inside...this weekend, hopefully! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!

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