Friday, December 21, 2012

our 2012 christmas letter

Merry Christmas!
2012 has been an absolutely incredible year in our lives.  We started our year by closing on our first home in Firestone, Colorado.  The home buying process was definitely a learning experience for us and we were so happy when we got our keys!  Since then, we have been working to make this house or home.  We have been decorating, have had many family members stay with us, and have friends over to break bread with us all the time.  It has been a dream come true!
We have also learned along the way that our living here is no accident.  We are attending an incredible church, and the relationships we have found in this place are most definitely a part of a plan so much larger than ourselves.  Matt has picked up right where he left off and plays/sings in the worship band almost every weekend, and he has lead our congregation in worship a few times.  Erin helps out in the nursery, has started singing in the worship band again, and most of all, she works with the middle and high school students as a youth leader.
The most amazing part of our year was our wedding on June 3rd, and it could not have been a more perfect day.  It was everything we could have ever wanted of our wedding day, and was a fantastic start to our marriage.  We are so appreciative of everyone's support and love throughout our relationship, and cannot thank everyone enough.   Right after our wedding, we took our honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.  It was 5 days of relaxation, and was so great to just celebrate, and take a break after all of the wedding planning! 
This year, Erin has continued to work as the Administrative/Operations Lead in her 4th year at her job, and now works from our home, and she still loves it.  Matt also started a new job at the end of last year in Broomfield.  He was promoted to Department Manager in August, and is really enjoying the new position.  He looks forward to his future within the company.

Erin started documenting our life and home projects in her blog, Magenta and Lime.  She has really enjoyed this new hobby and if you are interested in following along, she would Love it!
Our holiday season started when we hosted our very first Thanksgiving at our house with Erin's parents and brother.  The turkey came out perfect, which Erin was very happy about, and it was a beautiful day.  We are looking forward to having Matt's parents visit for Christmas this year, and getting to decorate our new home for the first time!
We hope you have had a great year as well, and have a Merry Christmas.  We send our love, and wish you a happy new year in 2013.

God's Blessings To You,

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