Wednesday, December 12, 2012

moving things around & a sinkhole

It's Wednesday, folks, which means only a few more days until a much-needed weekend! While we've been getting the house decorated for Christmas, a few pieces of furniture have moved around, and I wanted to share.

I mentioned last month when I finally cleaned-up and organized the music/spare room that we were moving the desktop downstairs.  This is because my almost 6-year-old laptop(which is like 100 in laptop years) has finally gone to sleep for good.  It just stopped charging, and it is probably for the best anyway.  So, we knew we wanted to move it downstairs where it is more accessible and the office seemed like an obvious choice. If you remember, my office looked like this for the longest time:
But, to make room for the other desk that my parents were no longer using, we switched things up a bit, so now it looks like this (believe me, I know, cord control is on the to-do list):
Seriously, it is very difficult to take a picture in this house without Roxy wanting to be front and center...and especially in this doorway...it's her favorite.
We're still deciding what to do with the desk as far as painting or staining, or just leaving it as-is. The space is really not as nice-looking from the kitchen as it was before, but it feels so much better! Working in here is a lot easier for some reason, and we're really loving it.  I definitely need to get a different chair in here, though, the dining room is missing its sixth chair.  Plus, it's nice that you can only see the items on the first shelf, and not this not-so-pretty-but-still-organized-area.
You may have also noticed that there is a chair right outside the office, in the kitchen area.  This is the chair that I started reupholstering way back in July.  Shameful, I know, but I am terrible at sewing cushion covers, so I have recruited someone to do that for me soon.  Anyway, the chair was displaced from the office and the tripod lamp was displaced by the Christmas Tree.  It's not great, but it works for the Holiday Season.
If you've visited the house tour page, you may be asking yourself, didn't there used to be a shelving unit in this spot? Yes, my friend, you are correct! It used to look like this:
And, you may have noticed when we decorated our tree, that this shelving unit is being used as a media stand in the living room for the moment.
To be honest with you, I'm not sure if I love it; I keep going back and forth.  I like the height of the TV, although Matt would like it a little lower, and I like the thought of extra storage in the future using baskets, but I'm just not sure if it's perfect. And, I miss having the extra storage in the kitchen area...but for now, it works.
And, it's way better than this guy:
Speaking of the Christmas tree, it also displaced the chair and "end table" that were in front of the window, with the tripod lamp. So, we moved one of the three bookshelves off the stair wall, and moved the chair over there in it's place. We really didn't want to lose any seating in our living room for the Holidays, and this is working; not perfect, but working.  It actually looks and works better than this picture portrays...believe me!
With one of the bookshelves displaced by the above arrangement, we moved it into the entry.  At first, it looked really strange, but it has grown on me a lot now and I like it! I re-styled the shelves so that all the books are in the living room, and just decor items are here in the entry.  
I definitely need some art above, but for now it's an improvement from the big blank space it was before!
As for the sinkhole I mentioned, I didn't mean to freak you out!
It's actually a sink hole, not a sinkhole.
Like a hole for a sink.
Funny Joke :)

If you follow me on instagram (@erinacolburn), you may have seen these pictures that I took last Friday.  Before Matthew got home, I taped off where he needed to cut the hole for the utility sink we had sitting around for the laundry room.  My Dad had told us that placing masking tape between the saw blade and the counter would keep it from splintering. And he was right, no splintering!!
When Matthew came home, he grabbed the jig saw (which we had borrowed from my parents), and cut the hole in a matter of minutes. Ooh how pretty! I was literally running through the house singing because it was such a joyous occasion to get that sink in the counter. You think I'm kidding...just ask Matt...pretty sure his ears are still ringing.
Now don't let that faucet fool you (which we got for just $20 at Home Depot on Black Friday), it is not hooked up, so this is not a working sink. 
Matt's parents are coming to our house for Christmas this year, so my father-in-law is going to assist Matt with the plumbing and install.  But, just having this in, and not sitting on top of the counter is a huge improvement.
 I plan to add a small shelf above this, on the wall to put the paper towels and Mr. Piggy Bank, and then probably going to add some storage for laundry baskets...stay tuned.


  1. lol I was thinking OMG a sinkhole in the house. BTW..nice house.

    1. Just my silly joke! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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