Thursday, December 6, 2012

laundry room updates

If you followed along with the Simpler Home Series I did last month, you may have noticed on the days about the mudroom and laundry room, that we updated the laundry room and I didn't tell you about it.  The reason for this was because I was hoping to show you the laundry room completed all at once, but it is still not completed, and I've been itching to show you some before and afters.  Remember where we started? Pretty good size, great storage, and overall just a nice space to do laundry in.
My biggest issue with this space was these cabinets.  I thought for sure these cabinets were only in homes built in the 80s, but our house was built in '01, so I am at a loss.  They are not pretty and really bothered me.
Another neat thing that happened in this room was the creation of a drop-zone/mudroom space.  We didn't really have a place to put our coats, bags and keys when we came home everyday, and knew something needed to be done.  So one day...Lightbulb!...I decided to take the laundry room door off while Matthew was at work.  This works for us, because we never closed this door anyway, and it made room for 26 beautiful inches of drop-zone space!
 I also knew I wanted to get a new color in this room to make it bright and cheery, so I picked up a  quart of Glidden's "Celery Sticks", and used leftover white paint to upgrade the trim.
At this point, we had also decided that having two entire cabinets above the washer and dryer are not necessary.  And, by removing one would make great space for a hanging bar; because hanging clothes on the door frame just wasn't working for us.
 Once that cabinet was out of there, and I patched that big hole I found, I gave the remaining cabinets a face-lift, and added a hang-bar, so now it looks like this! One thing I love about our front-loading washer and dryer is that they create the perfect space for folding. 
We just picked up this simple hang-bar for about $6 at Home Depot, and my hubby installed it in about 5 minutes.
And the other side now looks like this, including the new utility sink that needs to be installed as soon as we get a chance!  Check out how I updated these cabinets without spending any money!

Update: We got the sink in the counter...just need to get around to the plumbing...
We also plan to add at least one shelf above the sink, as well as some shelving for laundry baskets.

As for the mudroom portion of our laundry room...it works perfectly for us, right inside the garage door!
 This drop-zone cost me less than $20! Check out how I diy'd the basket, sunglasses storage, and the hook board.
Here's another view from the 1/2 bath...I am going to make a window treatment for this room soon, just trying to decide on the fabric.
 I love everything about this room, and will keep you updated when we install the sink and faucet, when storage for baskets goes up, and if I ever get to that window treatment.  The laundry room feels so good to be in now, and makes laundry feel like less of a chore!

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